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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ava Kate

So we went to the Dr. on Monday. The ultrasound showed that Ava is in Frank Breech...meaning that her head and feet are both up and only her butt is down. I could of gone into the hospital this week and try to have the baby, but we really only had one thing going for us for making it about a 30% chance of working, with lots of risk factors including having a baby that day ( that means she would of came today!!!) umm that is a little scary and I am just now ok with having her in 4 weeks so we have decided that for us it is best just to wait and pray she turns on her own, or to just have a c-section 1 week early. I think I can handle having her in 3 weeks...I think! Some days I think I am still in denial about the whole thing, then the next day I can't wait to have her with us.

I'm slowly starting to nest and have plans to deep clean the livingroom today. I might even water my poor plant that looks so sad. But I'm still up for anyone who wants to come clean my house for me!!!

Ok side note that I think is super funny...Penny came and got in bed with me this morning when David left for school...I got up over a hour ago...umm she is still in the bed! What a lazy dog!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Roby!

Happy Birthday Roby!!! Today was Roby CoC's 100th B-day. This is our little church that David is working as the part time youth minister. It was fun watching and listening to all the stories about the church. After they celebration we had a little baby shower...once again David and I are so blessed! (I forgot to take my camera to the shower)

This elephant is sooo cute! It has poles in it's legs so that when she is older she can sit on him! How fun!!!
This is my attempt to get yall to see how big it is with Penny next to it...she wasn't going to have anything to do with it...Sadly the first picture she started in...I hope I get better at action shots!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Work baby shower!

Warning there are a TON of pictures in this post and they are in the opposite order but yall can just pretend they aren't.

Today the ladies at work gave us a baby shower. I am so blessed to work with such loving women! It amazes me how blessed David and I are. Thank you sooo much!!! This is "Ava" in her new jacket and boots! Isn't it the cutest jacket ever! This is my attempt display all of the great cute gifts that we were given.

All the girls at work went in together and got us a really pretty Pack-n-play!
The really cute cupcake cake
Meet the wonderful ladies I work with (some of them)...Me and Missy...she is going to be our personal photographer!
Carolyn and Me (man my face is starting to get fat!!!)
Me and Cory...she has been stock piling since we found out we were having a baby girl! I'm really going to miss her!
And the blog world can finally meet my "twin" I have been following her for the past 7 years and people for some reason can't tell us apart!
Like I said they are in the wrong I am opening gifts.
Purple White FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT haha...Ava's cheerleading outfit!
Ok so new subject....Ava has to have a cowboy outfit to watch the games in...well we found this little outfit instead...I'm going to put little sparkles somehow on it to make it look girly...I can't wait!
Ava's elephants!
Ok I just wanted to post my favorite newborn outfit we have for her! it's a little ballet outfit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok so I went back to the Dr's today...(not fun having 2 in one day). Anyways little miss Ava is head up!!! Not cool b/c her daddy gave her a long speech today about how she needed to be in the right position. She already doesn't listen to us!!! Anyways they said that they will wait two more weeks to see if she is going to turn, but if she hasn't by then they will talk about our options and c-section. So be praying for little miss Ava to turn.

These are pictures from the last appointment I went to at 32 weeks...once again b/c of the position she is in they aren't good at all...but sadly better than todays pictures.

somehow this is a foot?

Her heartbeat....strong and steady!
This is her pretty little face...I think she looks like David

Ok these are from today! at 34 weeks...6 more to weeks to go!

and the last one...does anyone have any clue what this could possibly be???

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend...I sure did!!! David's parents came in town Sat. around lunch time and hung out with David till I got home. Then we (David not me) cooked hamburgers outside...mmmmm!!! Nothing much on Sunday...just relaxing and then today was shopping/sleep day for me!!! (while David had to go to school haha).

I was able to catch a bunch of baby sales today, got most of our things today for 50% off!!! Can't beat that!

David got me this shirt that he has been dying to get for months (it finally went on sale!)

We got my sling for 50% off!!! and it is super pretty...notice fake Ava is back!

Janaye and I went and got the letters for her baby GIRL!!! (Kinslee Jordan) so she can start painting them. Then we headed off to Kohls and found sales on baby's first thanksgiving outfits...

I thought I would be nice and given y'all a extra tummy picture...33 weeks...7 more to go!