Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New blog???

So I went to upload my new pictures for my post tonight my blogger informed me that I had used 100% of my picutre upload storage space.  Has anyone else had this problem? I guess I will have to either stop blogging or get a new one. Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ava's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ava!!!
This summer Ava had so much fun at the zoo we decided to have her birthday party there...We all met up at the park next to the zoo and had a picnic then headed off to the zoo!
(Aren't the invites cute! Janaye designed them!) They are taped on a lunch bag so that you could pack your lunch in it.
 The night before we decorated so she had something to wake up to...about 1 am she came in our room and asked why are there balloons? 1 am wasn't really what I was hoping for but she liked them!
 The birthday girl!!!

 Courtney and Timothy

 Addy in the bday hates
 Ryan and Lane


 Poor Ava it was too windy for candles...good thing she was a good sport about it!
 Look how excited she was when everyone was singing to her!
 Pretending to blow them out!
 My amazing photographer Shannon
 The cool dudes...Joe and Wade

 Ava got a wagon for her birthday...I would say it was a big hit with the kids

 Bailey saying its ok guys I will pull yall around
 Isn't he the cutes boy EVER!!!!
Happy Birthday Miss Ava! I can't believe you are already 3 years old! You are such a wonderful blessing in our lives. I can't image what life would be like without you.

ACU homecoming

Man am I mom of the year or what...This year Ava's birthday fell on the same weekend as ACU's homecoming. That means there was a carnival, fireworks and a parade all just for Ava's birthday!!! These pictures got out of order and I'm too lazy to fix them, sorry!
Our friends the Binkley's were in town from Thailand.  Ava loved making a new friend and a month later is still playing with her best friend Lane.
This is the first year that Amber and Angela didn't come back for homecoming.  It was so strange not having them there and sitting in the same spot we have sat in the last 10 years!!!  Y'all better come next year...we might lose our spot!
Waving to homecoming princess.

 We were the only kids on this side of the road so they got a TON of candy and treats!
 They were so funny they lined all of their candy in a row.
 Sassy Loved getting her highlighters from her future home!!!  (and yes we ended up with 12 of them!!!)
 Ava and Addy and all of their loot!

 Here is our attempt of group pictures!

 Hey don't forget about me!!!
 Here is our friends! Knox and Jacob (3 months apart)
 Knox, Jacob and Bailey
 Lane, Adddy, and Ava on the way to the carnival friday night!
 Kitty cat Addy...I promise she really did like it...this just happened to be the only picture I got.
 Petting zoo...we got there late and the poor animals were full!
 Cheerleader Bailey ready for the parade

 Aren't they cute!!!

 If Ava and Addy weren't collecting candy they were dancing!!! Boy do they have some moves!