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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 months

Well we have officially survived Ava getting sick for the first time. She had a upper respiratory infection, but is all better now!!! Praise got she didn't have RSV since it is going around school. I am just around to posting her 3 month post...but sadly no pictures right now.

3 months Ava is weighing in at 12 lbs 4 oz. We didn't get a height. The scary thing is that is about the size David was when he was born...I just don't see Ava fitting into my tummy right now.
-She is still in 3 months or 0-3 month clothes.
-Has rolled over from back to stomach while on the couch...But I think she might of had a little bit of help with a slight decline.
-She now sucks her first two fingers to sooth herself. Every now and then will take a paci.
-Drinks 5-5 1/2 oz of breast milk every 4 hrs during the day and sleeps from about 10-6:30.
-still wears size 1 diapers.
-Loves playing with toys (swinging at them, holding them when placed in her hand and looking at herself in the mirror).
- When she is fussy loves to be sung to, watch Praise Baby DVD's.
-She loves to go to Hebrew class with Daddy.
-She seems to love school. Always playing and smiling when David picks her up.

I LOVE watching Ava to continue to grow and develop. Seems like she changes everyday! (even more on the days that I have to work). I'm hoping to take her 3 month pictures soon, so check back.

I have a couple of prayer request this week:
-David takes his GRE on Friday- pray for calmness, and to do well on it.
-David as he tries to figure out what to do with grad school peace about balancing school and family.
-David's Grandmother moved in with his Aunt- pray that everyone gets a long, and her health.
-Safe travel for my brother and Addison this weekend (they are coming to our house!!!)
-Praise that Ava is feeling better!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. I hope to post again soon! Love you all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kinslee and Ava's Play date

Ava and Kinslee had their first play date last Friday. We took lunch to Janaye and Chance while the girls "played/slept". Then Amber came in town to meet Miss Kinslee so we got two dates in one day!!!

Look how much fun they are having! hahaLove at second sight!
Best Friends!

Ava is trying to figure out what this "thing" is that is taking the attention away from her!
Amber and her girls!

I need one of those phones!
Aren't we cute!?!?!
Tonight Ava played and played with her toys! I got all of them out after she played with a rattle for about a hour! (that is a long time for a 3 month old! And yes I said 3 months my baby girl is 3 MONTHS!!!)
Tuckered out after all the fun with Amber and Kinslee
I couldn't pick which one to print so yall let me know which one..
I missed the wear a dark shirt memo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kinslee Jordan Widman aka best friend

Welcome to this world Miss Kinslee Jordan Widman!!! Chance and Janaye welcomed their baby girl Monday 6 lbs 11 oz!!! I always kind of laughed inside when people said they couldn't remember their kids being so small...sadly I said this when I held Kinslee! haha and to think Ava is only 2 1/2 months!!!

Ava couldn't wait to meet her new best friend...really her only friend haha. David brought her up to work when I got off work. She is so pretty!!! I can't wait for all the playdates!!!

Shh I had to sneak a couple of my very cute baby in...

Thanks Aunt Meredith for my super cute dress!!! sorry your team didn't win.

Christmas Bonus

What does a family of only two eaters do with a Christmas bonus of a 14 lb turkey?!?!? You have a Pot luck with friends!!! Last year I got a turkey but it was a precooked and only 8 lbs so it wasn't too bad for just us...this year a uncooked 14 lb!!! What in the world!!! I just stuck it in the freezer and said I would save it for when we have a lot of company. Well our freezer is no longer for us and it is only for Ava since all you can fit in there is breast milk!!! (which is a good problem) So the turkey was kicked out of the freezer and had no choice to cook it. Here are a few pics from our pot luck...

Ava loves her two Abilene uncles...Chris

and Garrettyumm yummm dinner time!!! (David, Katie, and Chris)
(Morgan, Josh, Stacy and Garrett)
I managed to cook it..thanks mom for answering all my thousands of phone calls!) Now if only we knew how to cut it!!!
Man I make a pretty turkey!!! (don't get any ideas of me cooking Thanksgiving!!! That was the grossest think I have ever one told me that I would have to stick my hand and pull a neck out!!! GROSS!!!!!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some where over the rainbow...

Yesterday was Ava's first day of "school" at Rainbow Bible School. She is going to be going twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I believe this is such a God thing. When we started looking into Rainbow they told us it would be a 18 month waiting list...keep in mind David and I weren't even married at that time haha! Anyways, David had a Jan. short course and I was going to be able to work on Sunday and Sat. but we had to have some one for one day this week and we couldn't find the point that Vicki Penn was going to come and stay with us one day! We got a call a week before Christmas saying they had a opening for us!!! and that she would start the week that we needed help!!! Praise God!!!

Poor David had to be the one that had to drop her off...pretty much he will be doing all of the dropping off and picking up since they aren't open before or after I go to work. When he picked her up she was as happy as could be and playing with a playmat thing! I'm so glad she had a good time and that she will be able to interact with kids her age.

The only bad thing that happened was we just used the wipes that they had...well poor little Ava has a VERY sensitive bottom...and it breaks out sooo easy! But it is already clearing up and we are taking our own wipes tomorrow.

Now I got to get back to cooking dinner...Turkey Pot Pie...left over turkey from my Christmas bonus...It has already served 8 people once and we still have a bunch left!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let it SNOW Let it SNOW

Let it SNOW Let it SNOW!!! It has already snowed 3 times in Abilene and all before the new year!!! I can't believe it...but I love it. We are borrowing Addy's little snow suit...which is a tad bit too big! But hey it is warm so I don't think Ava minds!

This is Ava's second snow...
She was making a snow angel...Remember this is a super thick and warm jacket...she didn't even know she was touching no she wasn't wet and cold.
Mommy and Baby!!!
I don't think she was too impressed...she rather have her bottle that she was due for.
She loves her buggies that Santa gave her for her carseat.
Ava rang in the New Year with her Sassy and Daddy. Mommy had already gone to bed since it was my first day back and had two more days to go.
I hope everyone enjoyed the catch up blogging today. Make sure you go all the way back to the gingerbread post so that you see all of the new ones.
Pray for us tomorrow. Ava starts "school" at Rainbow Bible school. She is going to be going 2 days a week. I believe that her getting in was such a blessing from God! Her spot opened up the week that we had no idea what we were going to do for a babysitter during David's short course (but thank you Vicki for offering to come in town from Irving just to watch her), and this way she is going to be able to socialize with kids her age. Speaking of kids her age...Kinslee is almost here!!! Janaye is going to be induced a week from today! Ava can't wait to meet her new best friend!!!


We were so blessed this Christmas. I was still on leave from work so we were able to go home for a little over a week!!! Paul came out and picked me up so that Ava and I could get to Molly's wedding and then David came to Irving a few days later after he got done preaching. It was such calm and relaxing break! We were so blessed to be able to be with both families (minus Jason and Shannon) and see so many friends.

This is Ava and her boyfriend Wyat. They are 11 days apart. Brad and Ava
AUNT MEREDITH!!!! Ava LOVES her Aunt Meredith and is sooo sad she doesn't get to see her more!
4 generations...David, his Grandmother, and his Dad. (special prayers needed for his Grandmother. She has been in the hospital and is now going to have to move again. She is having a hard time with all of the change. Michael and his family could use some extra love and prayers...thanks)
I'm such a happy baby!!!
Passed out with Grandpops!
Ava and mommy on Christmas eve
She was real into opening gifts...haha At least she was awake for this one!
I can't believe that Ava's first Christmas was a white Christmas and she won't even remember it! I think I heard that it was the first one in 83 years!!! At least we got some cute pictures in the snow...once again she is real impressed with it can't you tell?!?!

My amazing little family!
Hurry up Santa and bring me lots of gifts!!!

Every Christmas morning we go to breakfast at either Denny's or IHOP. (we really missed Jason, Shannon and Addy)
Ava got a baby doll for christmas...we found David doing this...without him realizing it!!!
Ava and her stocking from Grammy

This is my brother-in-law Pual. He is a Texas A&M bus driver (see the cool gloves we got him). He is single and would love to meet one of you lovely ladies on the bus! (That is where I want him to find his future wife...and then drive away in a bus at the wedding!!!) So wait for him at bus stop 23 if you are interested!
Ava and Grammy's tree
Ava and her Great Granny

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and New Year. We sure did!