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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, February 27, 2010

mmm food!

Ava finally got to eat last night. We have been waiting till I didn't have to work to feed her. Look how big she looks in her high chair. Poor thing has no idea what is about to happen! (thanks Grammy and Grandpops for my chair)umm you want me to swallow this?

And of course Penny is not far behind!!!

Much needed bath time after dinner.
I love my baths and splashing everywhere!!!

Let it SNOW Let it SNOW...AGAIN!!!

Last Tuesday we had snow again...and once again I had to work. And once again David proved how amazing of a husband he is...I missed playing in the last snow due to work...and I was going to miss it again due to work. So my amazing husband went outside with me at 5:30 in morning so I could get some pictures!!!

Look at how much already at 5:30!!!
Poor David still half asleep!
I can't believe how much!!!
Look at teh massive snow flake on David's eye!!!
School was closed for David and Ava, so Chris and Katie came and hung out. They made snow ice cream, brought me lunch, and cooked dinner!!!

Ava had a fast photo shoot making her first snow angel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


SURPRISE!!! WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!!! Exactly one year ago this was our surprise!!! So for fun I thought it would be fun to tell the story of how I told David we were pregnant.

The day before I was working and having sharp abdominal pain. I asked Bertha (my charge nurse at work) what it could be. She told me I was pregnant...but this is the answer she gave me to everything. I blew it off all day but as the day went on the more worried I was that I might be. So after work I went to the store and got some test to take that morning. Hiding them as soon as I got home so that I wouldn't worry David about it.

The next morning I woke up early (think b/c of nerves) took the test...HOLY CRAP it is POSITIVE!!! First thoughts were how in the world am I going to tell David...he is going to be soooo mad!!! (two weeks before this he told me He was so glad we weren't pregnant that he wasn't ready to have a baby yet). So I hid the positive test in the bathroom and did the only logical thing...went back to bed and acted like nothing was wrong. Of course I couldn't sleep. I just laid there in bed. Poor David kept trying to cuddle with me...he had no clue what was about to come. I was trying not to tell him till that night b/c he had a major research paper due that day by 5 that he hadn't even started. Surely I could wait to tell him till then...NOT...I finally rolled over and said..."Daaaaavid"... "huh"... "I need to tell you something"... "what" (very sleepily) ..."ummm I love you"..."I love you too Kris"..."ummm there is something else too"..."what?"..."ummm I'm pregnant!!!" "WHAT?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!" "yes"....silence....silence..."for real?!?!!" I crawled out of bed and showed him the denying it now...The rest of the day is a blank...lots of thinking and TONS of worrying/ freaking out from me. David on the other hand was VERY excited (shocking me). He was amazing and held me and supported me during all of my freak out...(I have the best husband).

So NO we are NOT pregnant again! Just wanted to take the time out to celebrate what we thought was the best/ scarriest day of our lives. Little did we know what was to come...our beautiful baby girl Ava Kate!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Daddy's Lucky Charm!

Tonight was the final game for David's basketball team. Ava and I have truly enjoyed going to EVERY game and "watching" him play. (yes sadly Ava does more watching than I do...I talk). Ava was the team's lucky charm...don't tell her but I don't think she was very lucky for them haha. She even has a "Daddy's lucky charm" shirt that in their team colors!!!

These guys LOVE Ava soo much!!! We are so blessed with great friends!Daddy and his lucky charm! (look at her super cute boots!)
Showing off her shooting skills!!!

Ava is such a trooper. She has made it to every game this season and the noise doesn't bother one bit! She even made it tonight after getting her shots today. (which she is 12 lbs 15 oz) She gave us girls something to play with while we "watched" our husbands play. Ava likes watching the game...she would follow the guys running up and down the court...we were all amazed that she was tracking them.

Tonight after the game Chris and Katie came over for dinner and just hung out. While they were over David got a email from school saying he got into grad school with a BIG scholarship!!! Praise God!!! I'm so proud of him!!!

On a sad note, many people have heard of Jenny's story she is a ACU grad, has been on the prayer list at church...she lost her life this afternoon. Please pray for her family even more for her little girl. Such a sad story.

Ok have to go to bed...enjoy the snow!!! it has already started here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

when mommy is away ...

Photo and video editing at
Daddy will play!!! I love when I come home from a long day at work and discover that the little flip camera is no longer in it home. That means David had fun with Ava Kate a made movies!!! Here is the most recent one that I found. David is such a good daddy!!! He claims that she was doing it a lot more before he started filming. Hope you all enjoy!

This has been a crazy week for us. (I have no clue why this is now in blue and underlined) This is Sing Song week, meaning Ava Kate has been spending a lot of time with Stacy and then last night with Janaye and Kinslee. We are so blessed to have "family" here that is able to help us out. Ava Kate is so blessed to have so many "Aunts" and "Uncles" that love her so much!!! (who knows maybe soon we might have a new "cousin" haha) Ava Kate and Kinslee got to have a play date till I got off of work and they were BOTH awake and playing who knew that would ever happen!!! Thanks to Janayes new blog I stole those pics. Ava looks like a monster next to Kinslee!Uncle Paul is in town with some friends so Ava has enjoyed laughing and playing with her Uncle. Tonight she has a date with Garrett and Stacy and His parents! She can't wait! Well Ava just woke up hungry...mother's job is never done...hahaha

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ava Kate's first Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I LOVE you ALL sooo sooo much!!!
Thanks Sassy for making my amazing hat!!! I love it so much!!! Look at the silly faces I like to make in it.

Our attempt at taking our own family picture

My two amazing Valentines!

My little Valentine!
My beautiful beautiful baby girl!
Sassy, and Grammy sent me cards in the mail!!! (I love mail!!!)

got to love those rolls!!!
Look at those baby blues!!!
Who wouldn't be her Valentine?!?!

Double Date

We had a wonderful double date with Janaye and Chance (and Kinslee) tonight at Prime Time. Bowling, games and very HEALTHY dinner at the concession stand. It is so much fun being able to hang out with other couples that have a baby the same age as Ava Kate. Here is what our night looked like.
Practicing for his BB game Monday night

.Skee Ball!!! (Ava was good!!!)
Ava playing Deal or No Deal
Group picture with the girls...too bad you can't see Kinslee
Baby wearing...I LOVE my much easier to carry her.
Which case should we get???
We should of taken the deal...only 7 tickets
NO DEAL!!!! We didn't do to great at Deal or No Deal.
I'm a big girl in Daddy's hat...look at my super cute face!
Ava table/break danced the whole time we were bowling. Half the time on her tummy the other half on her back. She made a complete circle before the game was over.
Look a Kinslee spotting...this was the only time she was awake and out of her stroller.
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. We did! We got up took a few pictures, went to church, ate lunch with the youth group kids, came home hung out with the Wideman's, bought girl scout cookies!!!! I got David a $20 Amazon gift card (his favorite!!!) and he got me a pedicure (that I'm getting on Wednesday) and a box of girl scout cookies!!! Today was so much fun...I think maybe my favorite v-day so far!!! I hope y'alls was as good as ours...go love on your love ones!!!