Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Box after box

I have a feeling that the rest of my days off for the next few weeks are going to be like today's day off...Packing/unpacking. Today David and I finally started the packing process of our move. I think we can start moving in next week! We both can't wait to get out of our apartment. It is a great size for the 3 of just doesn't matter what we do we haven't been able to make it feel very homey which is very sad when we both come from VERY HOMEY homes. It could possibly be the gross smell of this old little place. Just think of a dirty old hotel that yucky smelly boys who smoke 4 packs a day lived in and that is about the smell you get of our place. But it really has been a good place for us to start our lives together, but now that our little family of 3 is turning into 4 (yes I count Penny as part of our family numbers) we need a bigger and kid friendly place. So anyone who feels the urgent need to come pack a couple of boxes feel free to stop by our place! David packed 8...yes 8 boxes of books today. That doesn't include the 3 bigger boxes that haven't ever been unpacked that his parents left here! or the last bookcase in the living room!!!! Crazy boy!

Oh and speaking of poor little Penny. I think we have confused her heck out of her today. She always freaks out when we pack to go on a weekend trip. She is afraid she won't get to go or something. So I think she is thinking we are leaving her again...and hasn't stopped cry all day. Poor thing.

Take the time today and the next few days to be praying for a sweet little girl Kate. She is the Granddaughter of Ronnie and Sharon Hewitt and Joy ( I can't think of her last name at the time) She is at Children's ICU with pneumonia and bacterial infection and on the vent. The email today said she was doing better today but there is possible permanent damage to her lungs.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today we were blessed to be apart of Garrett and Stacy's wedding. It was beautiful. They were both glowing all day. It reminded me of our wedding day and how I couldn't wait to be David's wife. It was so nice not having to drive anywhere...just the other side of Abilene. We can't wait till they get back so we can finally hang out with another married couple! Now they just need to have a baby soon so cletus can have some friends!!!

David and I (and cletus). Didn't he make a good looking groomsman? I think so!

Here is the beginning of the belly tracker....the first picture is at 17 wks then the next is at 10 wks. I still can't believe that I am 18 wks (on sunday)...that means only 22 wks till our little bundle of joy comes!

Now for some old pictures that are just now getting uploaded. These are on valentines day when David surprised me and showed up at my parents house. It is also his first time to meet Addison Grace. I think she is about a month and a half here.

He is going to make a great dad and uncle! I love it when we get to see isn't enough and it hasn't been for good reasons lately. But I'm hoping to get to see her a few times this summer. This weekend we also got to babysit Lane. He is 6 months old and it was kind of weird b/c we are moving into Lane's house next month so it was kind of like seeing what our future is going to be like with a kid. I thought I would kind of freak me out a little...everything else has. But it brought a lot of peace to me and I think even David. It made me realize that we can do this...we can raise a kid (I think).

Well I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend...I have to work monday but we are having a bbq potluck with my coworkers...mmm Cletus can't wait. I'm so jealous of my parents b/c they went up to Oregon to see a bunch of our family members and I didn't get to year I hope! Well off to bed...sweet dreams everyone!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crib or the new crib

A little over a week ago we lost my Grandma. She has blessed our lives in so many ways and will be missed very much. My brother did an amazing job doing her funeral...I have no idea how he was able to do it. It had to be the hardest thing he has ever done before. So after being away from David for almost a whole week I am back in Abilene! I had to work this weekend and Sat. night when I got home he had planned a "Girls night out" for us!!! He had my favorite foods, Gilmore Girls DVD's set and ready to be watch. (that's a big deal b/c he HATES Gilmore Girls) It was the best night EVER!

Today was another Dr. apt. We were hoping for an ultrasound but only got to hear the heart beat. Still pretty amazing. I still can't believe that there is a person inside of me...kind of weird if you think about it. When we were done we went and bought our baby crib and dresser...really my amazing parents bought it (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)

Da Vinci Anastasia Crib - Espresso - DaVinci  - Babies"R"Us

The dresser matches but I can't find the picture. The store was super nice and they are going to keep it there till we move in June. I still can't believe that there is only 22 wks till we get to meet this little one!

This week is going to be a busy and fun one. I work the next 3 days then this weekend is Garrett and Stacey's wedding! It is going to be fun having another married couple to hang out with.

Before I go I want to tell Amber HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What an emotional weekend. I don't even know where to start. So many thoughts, feelings, emotions. It all started last week I think Tues or Wed. My Grandmother got put back in the hospital for an infection. Little did they know she was septic. She is now unresponsive and has been since Thursday night (maybe Friday). I got the call Saturday while I was at work that we are taking it hour by hour. Thanks to all of my amazing co-workers I was able to leave early and go see her. David and I packed up and made our trip to Greenville. Little did we know that we would have to swim there!!! I haven't seen so much rain! In fact while we were driving my dad called me to let me know they were having a tornado and they had moved all the patients to the halls...including my Grandma who is on a ventilator. We finally made it just in time before visiting hour was over. My heart just breaks when I think my Grandmother there just lying there pretty much just lifeless. Sometimes I just hate being a nurse...I wish that I had no knowelge of what was going on. I wish I could be like my Uncles who still have hope. I wish that I could do over the last 25 years and fix all the dumb little problems that me and my Grandparents had.

It turns out that they think the infection might be going away, but the damage has already been done. She has a leaky heart vavle do to the infection going to her heart. The infection got to her brain and they are thinking she has little to no brain function and to top things off she has now gotten pneumonia.

Pray for my family. Wednesday is the day. I guess it is the day they see how much damage has happened, if they are going to take her off the vent. My uncles have finally accepted things and plans have stated to be one likes to make these plans. Pray for Jason as he starts to prepare the services...Pray that he as the strength to get through it (Lord knows I wouldn't be able to do it). Just pray for us.

So lets back up to Sunday afternoon. We were all going to go eat lunch then come back home when we got the call about David's Grandpa who fell at home and was now at the hospital. (I guess it was a two for one weekend on seeing Grandparents in the hospital). He is doing ok. He broke a rib and is in pain. Pray for their family has they transition to moving them to a nursing home. Pray for the healing of the ribs.

We made it back to Abilene today and I never been so glad to be home. We are both so physicaly and emotionally tired. David has finals this week and has to preach tomorow night. And I work Tues, Wed, Thurs. So a busy busy week the only reward for it is that I have a 4 day weekend again!!! Monday I go back to the Dr. so lots of things to look forward to. Just please remember us this week and be praying for us. Hope everyone has a good week! Keep away from the pig flu!!!