Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy first trick or treating halloween to Ava and first halloween to Kinslee! Our little Ladybugs trunk or treated at Southern Hills Church of Christ. If you don't know what trunk or treating members open their trunks, dress it up and pass candy out from their cars.

Janaye, Kinslee, and Chance.
My little ladybug!!! Isn't she cute!!! She did so good and didn't touch her headband or pull at her wings! Mommy forgot about getting her a candy bucket...good thing Mommy and Daddy keep their extra change in a pumpkin!

She just kept looking at everything that was going on around her...she is so cute!

Mommy and her bug.


Daddy helping her hold her heavy candy bucket...Look how long her hair is getting!

She HAD to have a piece of candy in each hand or she got mad and screamed till she had them.

Isn't she cute.

see I told in each hand...and of course her favs to hold had to be the good ones that mommy and daddy wanted!

mmm snickers!

Some of the trunk o treaters!

After trunk o treat we went Trick or treating at Uncle Chris and Aunt Katie's house. Poor Walter (their new puppy) didn't know what to think of Ava all dressed up.

Click on the picture and make it bigger to see her big smile when they opened the door! She is one loved baby.

Family picture!

Poor little baby was getting sooo sleepy! But mommy and daddy were having too much fun!

And of course her piggy fell out in the she had some crazy hair.
Hope everyone had a good halloween! I can't wait till she can really know what is going on and say Trick or Treat!!! Its funny how there are still times where it just hits me that Wow I have a kid. Tonight was one of those moments...I guess this was one of the first kid things we have really done with her! and I am looking forward to all the others! Now I must go sort the candy...suckers for Ava the rest for me!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Every year we get together with Garrett and Stacy and carve pumpkins...Well every year but last year since we had a 1 1/2 week old and we were in Dallas for a funneral. This year David and I branched out and did a ghost instead of just doing a will see it is AWESOME!!!

I don't know what it is about silly little holiday activities but I sure do LOVE them...It's a toss up between pumpkin carving and dying Easter egss for being my favorite.

Garrett and Stacy doing their boring face pumpkin.
The best part...pulling the guts out!


David working hard on our ghost

See isn't it AWESOME!!!! I am sooo proud of us for being able to do it...and it ended up being super easy!

Us with our pumpkin! The little one is Ava's...she is totally in love with it and walks around the house with all the time.

The East with their pumpkin
I can't wait to put Ava in her Ladybug outfit and take her trick or treating (so mommy can have some candy!!!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cancer Services 5K run, walk, WADDLE!!!

Last Saturday was the Cancer Network Services 5 K run, walk, WADDLE (that is what I was planning on doing). That's right planning on waddling since we didn't get to do it :( For some reason I really like walking 5Ks...yes walking b/c I don't do ANY training for them what so ever! haha. It got rained out! It was POURING soooo hard, and they kept saying no we are going to do it...I think we were going to have to swim it since all the roads were flooded! They finally canceled it when some lighting struck some powerlines right across the street!!!

But we still managed to have some fun. We left and went and had breakfast then Hobby Lobby shopping for our Bunco Hats (more to come on that!!!)

This is Allison (did you think it was me???? Everyone at work can't tell us apart). Her mom and Cannon.
The waddlers, Allison, my boss Marla, her daughter Shelby, Missy, Kim and me! Thank you ladies for showing up and supporting our patients!!! I think we were able to minister for a couple of our patients family members that morning!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bunco for Breast Cancer!

Tuesday night was Hendrick's Bunco for Breast Cancer. Just imagine 1400 women, one huge room, dressed up for a crazy breast cancer feista, playing bunco!!! It was soooo much fun!!! I don't know what it is about Breast cancer events...but they always bring out the crazy outfits and fun in people. I'm so proud of our floor (P7) and we had a great turn out this year. We were able to have 2 teams of 12!!! (I have been working really hard on getting our nurses more involved in community events that support our's working slowly). These past few weeks I have truly loved being with my P7 girls! I feel like I'm in the right place!

Like I said breast cancer events bring out the crazy in people...and the theme was feista...this is what happened!

We all made hats... My lovely pumpkin model! (and yes that is a zebra print bra on the top!)
Before the event a few of us met up for dinner at Chili's...and once again it brings the crazy out in you and we sure did wear our hats into Chili's!!!

Kim and Missy @ Chili's

Carolyn and Corey...Caroyln's hat had a mirro that said boob check on it...with those two boob looking balloons!
Me and was so hard taking pictures with people and them looking like you like eachothers!!! Our hats were sooo big!
Me and one of the Charge nurses on the floor...Nancy!
Missy showing off the top of her hat

Mine, Kim's, and Missy's hats

Sherry, and our Pat

this is Bertha's hat...she doesn't like to take pictures so she flipped her hat down...and the boobs are made out of a facemask! So clever!



Here are some action shots of us playing!

I guess everyone has to have their mouths open to roll dice!

My boss Marla and her mom

Me and Whitney!

Whitney, Missy and Me

Missy was the big winner for our table...guess what she won?!?!?! 2 free passes to the shooting range!?!?!?! Why would that be a prize at a all women event?!?!?!!

Most of our hats...Aren't they cute!
I will be doing another post, once I get pictures from other people's cameras...I some how didn't get any group shots on my camera!

Ok here is my soap box...I can't do a breast cancer post and say anything...
Everyone please make sure you are doing self checks and getting tested EVERY year!!! Breast cancer is now the 2nd leading cause of death in women! (Lung cancer has now moved to STOP smoking!!!). And if you can't afford it there are tons of programs to get them done for free/ super cheap!