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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Clean

Our toilets are so clean you can eat off of them thanks to my wonderful husband! Today was "spring clean" but really it was just way past due for a basic clean. The sad part is that it still feels like its not super clean for the amount of work we put into it...I'm sooo ready to move!!! (1 month!!!)

Last Monday David and I went to the Dr. And well I think it was a eye opening for the both of us on what is to come... out little trouble maker/diva. So they were only going to do a doppler to hear the heart beat. Well they couldn't find the heart rate, and the Dr. made a big deal about me not feeling to baby yet (which I think it is still too soon to feel it anyways) so we "earned" ourselves a ultrasound...lucky us!!! Everything turn up being fine. We got to see the little fingers, legs and the baby dance around. I still can't believe that there is something inside of is really weird to think about. Here are some pics...enjoy!

Here is the baby waving at can see the 4 fingers and thumb...I hope these come out better than on facebook.

This is the babies funny looking face due to it dancing around...the heart beat was 167.