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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't freak b/c I posted 2 days in a row!

Today at 6:00 am I got a call from work telling me that they didn't need me today but that I was on call for the day. So what did we do??? David and I went on line and registered at Babies R Us and then went to the store and registered at Target. The more and more we scanned or picked things made us (at least me) realize how much we don't know what we are doing!!! My friend Janaye was making fun of us the other day b/c this time last year we were having WEDDING showers...and now we are about to start having BABY showers!!! Crazy what can happen in a year. Anyways we had a fun time doing it (even if we don't know what we are scanning). Once again I didn't get to scan and single thing just like the wedding scanner...David wouldn't share!!! Hope everyone's Mondays were as good as ours!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

As I hope everyone knows today is Fathers day!!!

As most people think about their own fathers...I know that it is true about my dad...I have the worlds best dad!!! (everyone else is wrong b/c there can only be one worlds best dad) He has been there for every little and big thing in my life. I wouldn't be the person I am without him...for sure wouldn't be a nurse without him. So to prove to everyone that I truly have the best Dad I will list a few reason why...
10. He spent last fathers day moving me from one apartment to another one.
9. He bends over backwards to do anything for anyone.
8. Will just listen and be calm when I call him all upset and yelling at him even when it isn't his fault.
7. He works two jobs so that he can provide more than we need...Weddings, extra years of school, grad. cruises...and so much more.
6. Not many Dads will watch Legally Blonde over and over again...and not complain.
5. At age 25 I can still (and do) craw into bed with him and just snuggle and talk.
4. How many Dad's would be willing to let their 2nd grader paint their face??
3.Every friday starting when I was in first grade he took Jason and I to breakfast before school...even if it made him late for work.
2. How many dad would let me and Meredith "perm" their hair and have it on video
1. Just because he loves me and is always there for me!

Finally before this post is over...I have to celebrate David's Father's day in training day today! I have a feeling that he is going to be just as good of a dad as mine is to Ava Kate!!! Love you babe!

Hope all you fathers have a good day today and make sure your little girls take you out to a nice big fancy dinner!!! (or at least ice cream)

Friday, June 19, 2009

21 wks

It is almost the end of my 21 weeks but today we finally took another baby bump picture...slowly it is growing. The Dr. was very proud of my weight this past week saying that I had done a good job with it!
This is at 10 wks when we found out Baby Ava was in my tummy

17 weeks

Now at 21 weeks! I still can't believe that there is a baby inside of me let alone we are now less than half way to meeting her! David is helping on of his teaching build a garage and yesterday he got paid...he was so cute and wanted to spend the money on Ava so today we went and got a baby carrier thing that you put on your chest to carry the baby. I love how excited he is about her! Well got to go we are having movie night with the youth group tonight!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ava's going to love elephants just like her momma!

We went to the Dr. again today...and once again she kept telling us how active Ava Kate is...I could of told you that!!! Anyways after our appointment we did our routine of going to our favorite little baby store to see if our crib had come in by any chance...It hasn't sadly but I think we found the bedding we want to use.

How cute is it! I think so anyways. I was wanting to stay away from elephants for some weird reason but when it comes down to it I still LOVE elephants!!! I think there are several ways we can make the room cute without having to paint since we can't. So start thinking of cute things!!! Hope y'all like. (We still aren't 100% sure we are using this but as of now most likely).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are back!!!

You only thought you got rid of us! We finally have cable and internet as of back to blogging! We have finally moved into our new house, and it is awesome. So much room. Penny has a little yard to whine in (she is a indoor dog not outdoor and she will let you know). There are still a TON of boxes to be unpacked so feel free to come and play with us!

Monday we went to the OB specialist. Everything look sign of any problems...and Cletus the Fetus is sadly no is now AVA KATE!!! and only 4 1/2 months till we get to meet her.
This is her heart. These aren't very good pictures...but it was really cool on the tv b/c you could see the 4 chambers and then the blood flow.
Beautiful little feet!
This is the million dollar shot...IT's A GIRL!!!
This is her scary I mean pretty face. Oh there is so much to do! It is starting to hit me how soon she will be here and how we don't have a thing....the crib we have isn't even here! Oh well some how it will all happen in time. Hope you enjoyed the new pictures. We go back to the Dr. on Monday for our normal monthly apointment.

Oh I almost forgot stay tuned for the new and improved blog coming soon. I finally placed my order with Jenny! Thanks mom!!!