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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cookies for Santa

This year Ava I and started making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. It was so much fun. I'm loving that she is old enough to get into holidays. I even gave up control and let her do most of the work!

She got to pick out our shapes for the cookies

Then the fun part came...sprinkles and icing!!! She had place each one on the cookie just in the right place.
Look how pretty they are!!! Santa really enjoyed them!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I believe this will be the end of Thanksgiving post (yes it's april of the next year! I know I know)

Grammy got Ava a super fun craft to do over Thanksgiving break. We made hand print ordiments for the christmas tree.
Hand painting is always fun!!!

And even more fun when you get to wear it!!!

Every Thanksgiving we go and see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. By far the best place to go. Lots to do and FREE!!! Plus the Santa is so sweet and good with the kids.

What a great Uncle Paul riding the rides with Ava.
You know it always looks weird when you walk into bass pro all dressed up!...Poor Jason had to get in the picture again...Addy isn't very sure of Santa

Watch out Ava is driving
BEEP BEEP move out of Ava's way!

It was also my birthday...
poor Ava passed out...good thing I had Addy to open all of my gifts

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kid's room

We moved Ava into her big girl bed sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was so nervous about it but she did pretty good...well untill we got rid of the paci (New Years). But over all she still does pretty good. Just harder bed time routine. Here is our new kids room.
Ava showing off her new bed!
How long do you think these decals lasted?!?! Shocking a little over a month!!!
I told if she stayed in bed ALL night that I would give her a very special treat in the morning! Well I might just be the worlds best mom...look what I got her...SNOW!!!! I know I know the best!!!
This is Jacob's side
His decals better stay up longer

Friday, April 6, 2012

Random pictures post

I hate how blogger doesn't upload pictures in the order you upload them...oh well. This is just a bunch of random pictures from the first few weeks of Jacob's life.

Ava reading the ToysRUs ad to Jacob. So sweet.
The first few weeks that we were home Ava wouldn't let us take her "rickards" This is one of the rare ones of her face.
Best friend Isaiah Garrett East made his way 2 weeks early!
Boys and their boys!
Jacob's first Dr.'s apt.
Such a big helper! Ava "helping" daddy caring Jacob. (I don't know what is wrong with my camera it seems like all of my pictures are coming out so dark.)
Our first outing. It was very last minute after a long day by myself...that explains poor Ava's hair!
Jacob's first mavericks game...real impressed
So sweet
Grammy gave Ava her very own make up at the hospital. She LOVES it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jacob is Loved!

I love being reminded how loved we are! Not that I ever have my doubts about it, but it's so nice being reminded. What is even better is that both of our children are even more loved!!! Everyone thank you so much for coming and seeing us in the hospital. (Poor Jacob is already getting the second child treatment. With Ava you could barely step into the door without getting your picture taken...There are so many people who came and I didn't get pictures of them. So sad!)

Jacob and Pappy Sassy and Jacob
This picture makes me smile!!! Typical Ava NAKED!!! I thought this was just a problem at home...guess not Anna, Ava and Jacob
Joe and Jacob
Stacy! It was so nice having a friend to be pregnant with. Even better Isaiah came 2 weeks early making our boys only 2 weeks apart!!!
Garrett and David
My amazing boss Marla! I can't believe I didn't get pictures of all my other P7 girls!
What an amazing best friend. Cameron was there for the birth of both of our kids. Thanks for being there for David.