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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving from Bailey, Addy, and Ava Kate!!!

Man I don't see how people get good pictures of group of kids. I will take any advice people are willing to offer!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Homecoming weekend we went ahead and celebrated Ava's 2nd birthday! I can't believe it has taken me this long to even blog about it! Make it even worse these are the only pictures I took with my camera and I really need to steal pictures from my parents camera!!! We had a pretty low key birthday party this year. I didn't even have a theme or invites! It was pretty much just family, college friends and Ava's friend Timothy from school.
Even with a small party she got spoiled. She got a ton of dress up clothes since she is always wearing dress up clothes at school and loved it on vaction...but the little booger won't wear any of them!!! (remember her halloween party). Anyways Happy really late birthday baby girl!!!
Timothy and AvaJanaye sporting one of Ava's outfits!
Timothy, Kinslee and AVA
The only outfit Ava will wear!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ACU homecoming

It's so fun being able to take Ava to carnivals and festivals. This year we took her to the ACU carnival. Of course we met up with Kinslee. How sweet is it when kids want to hold hands!Ava getting her face painted...
Feeding the goat...They had a pretty good petting zoo! Lots of different types and all very friendly animals.
Look at the awesome fish Ava caught!!! She was in LOVE with this fish for several days.

You can't go to a carnival without eating yummy carnival food.
I don't know why, but I am such a sucker for ACU homecoming. Maybe it's because my college roommates still come in town every year. But every year we go to the ACU parade. This year my parents joined us. I just haven't gotten pictures off of their camera yet.
The GATA float...this year they had a large pledge class!!! Yay for GATA's come back!
GATA flames!
We take this same picture every year! We just keep adding kids to the picture!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday1

Catching up...

So as you can tell I have been gone for a makes me sad to be so far behind. I'm determined to get caught up before Jacob comes. Oh who is Jacob you ask...yes that is a sweet baby boy that is coming in a month and a half who hasn't even been talked about on the blog!!! How crazy is that! Well here are some random pictures all the way back from July 4th!!!

July 4th we had a pot luck with a bunch of friends. 2 of our friends are dorm directors at ACU so we had the whole dorm to ourselves. We are so blessed to have such good friends who love Ava so much.

Ava and Stacy playing ping pong!

Here is super dad playing ping pong! And yes he played this way the whole time and they still won both games!

This summer we went to Jump Around Place (I think it's called that). Sadly it closed like a week later. Ava and Kinslee LOVED it!!!

Over the summer Grammy and Pops came out to play. Ava thought that she needed to drive daddy and Pops around in her bus slide and made this sit like this for a while.We also had a feed the ducks date with Kinslee...These "ducks" were CRAZY brave!!!

See they would just walk right up to us!
Or just flat out eat our of our laps!!! (keep in mind I'm terrified of birds!!!)
Ava's school Halloween party was on a day that she doesn't go, so they let us come just for the party. Most of the kids wore their Halloween costumes...but no Ava wanted NOTHING to do with it! She was going to be Cinderella...I did manage to get her to wear beads!Her BFF space Timothy!
Waiting in line to go trick or treating at the church office.
Ava and Batman
After trick or treating they "raked leaves"
She was brave and went into the "bat cave"
Daddy took Ava to the pumpkin patch. I'm so proud of him for taking pictures for me since I had to work!
Ava rolling the pumpkins
Daddy and Ava on a hay ride! (by the way its day 4 without the paci!!!)
More pumpkin rollingMore catching up to come! Keep coming back!