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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nicole's Wedding

Welcome back to the Graham TX...if you didn't see the first post about the fort, I suggest you go look at the previous blog. Anyways... the whole reason we are in Graham is for Nicole's wedding. It was very beautiful and VERY fun! This is Nicole and Seth during picture time.

Father Daughter dance
I took this picture for Jason...this is the grooms cake Texas Rangers baseball!

If you post the grooms cake you should post the brides the way my mom and I were the cake servers...the world's worst job should be on that dirty job show!
Me and Nicole...For the first time EVERY someone came up to me and said "you must be Nicole's cousin...y'all look just alike!" I don't see it but who knows.
The anniversary dance...My Great uncle Dan and Great aunt Faye married 60 years (she is my grandma's sister)
Mom and Dad dancing
This is an attempt to get a pic of me and Dad dancing...not the world's best
David and my mom...Poor David he wanted to pull another wedding dance night again but didn't have his dancing partners with mom and I tried to fill in for them.
Really bad picture of us dancing
We had a blast at the wedding. I got to catch up with a TON of extended family that I don't see very often. Some of my dad's cousin turned the night into Karaoke night, Aunt Faye and Dan dance the night away...pretty impressive for being 80 yrs old! David and I had to leave early to get back to Abilene, and I think we missed the after party at the pool with everyone.

On another note...Pray for my Grandpa, today is my Grandma's birthday and he has been having a hard time without her the past few months so I know today was hard for him. But I think he had a really good time this weekend...some much needed fun!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a even better week!

Welcome to Graham Texas

Welcome to the great city of Graham Texas!!! Saturday morning David and I set out on a big adventure to celebrate my cousin's wedding (see next post tonight). But before all the great wedding fun we had to adventure around the big city of Graham...

David VERY exited to be a the "Fort" on the other hand not so much...(I think she had more fun than she will admit)

While at the historical fort blah blah blah...we had an amazing tour guide... He was such a good tour guide that I can't even tell you the name of this place.

David and me under the huge Grapevine pavilion ....It was one of the only neat things there.

aaaAAAAaaaa Tarzan Sassy!!!

This is my cousin Dylan...he is 11...I think he is the only one who had fun at the fort...He tried to kick all the doors down...
Guess who else made the trip to Graham...Baby "Ava". We wanted to show my parents the car seat...well you look a little weird with empty car "Ava" came...(which people still look at you weird)

Pappy and baby on some historical ball thingy

Baby shoot her first cannon!!!
A very PROUD/embarrassed Sassy...

Her first swing ride!
Hope you enjoyed the great tour of the fort...we sure did!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night when I walked into the house after a very long hard day...I walked into this!!!
David had to go to Irving yesterday while I worked for VBS stuff. Well him and his mom (Grammy) went on a shopping spree and they got us our travel set! I was VERY surprised, a little less stress about only having 3 more months and VERY happy!!! Thanks Grammy and Pops!!!

Of course "baby Ava" aka my childhood baby doll is the model for all of the real Ava's things

David practicing doing wheelings with the stroller...I only thought he was silly in the stores with the strollers b/c he sure did drive it around the house for a while last night just like in the store!

I figured I would end the post with a 25 week profile pic...I started my 3rd trimester on Sunday...Scary and exciting!!! Friday morning I have to go get my sugar test to make sure I haven't picked up diabetes...Pray that I'm not...David was 12 lbs and Paul 8 lbs (1 month early!!!) and Lisa had diabetes and I don't want that big of a baby!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


So I finally became part of the "cool" crowd and joined Twitter...I'm still not sure what this is all about but it has been fun so if you are on twitter follow me so you can see how exciting my life is moment by moment haha!

We have a Dr. appointment today at 1 so maybe some update after that who knows. Have a good Monday

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Taking Baby steps towards baby

Things are starting to get more and more we slowly gather more and more baby items, I guess there is no denying a baby is coming and coming in 3 1/2 months!!!

This summer David has been working with a professor on building a garage. He got paid the other day and first thing he said he wanted to spend it on baby... He LOVES his new baby carrier thing!
Everyone has been telling us that we need to start keeping a baby doll around the house and act like it is a real baby...this is what happens when we did this...

Penny was real sweet and loving towards it at first...of course after doing her smelling and licking

David holding baby...right after this he started to "burp" the baby and Penny went crazy and starting attacking him...Don't Mess with HER baby!!!
Well the great parents that we are to a fake baby...we forgot she was out and a few days ago Penny was acting really weird and next thing I know she is dragging the baby across the living room floor!!!

Ok OK so what yall have all been waiting for...what is really making the whole baby thing real...this weekend we put te crib together!!! Here is the finished product...