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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, October 30, 2009

What a week

What a week! This picture tells you how we feel after the last few days. Tuesday morning we were sad to hear the news of David's Granddaddy passed away early that morning. After Ava's first Dr. appointment we headed out to Irving to meet up with the family. (which by the way Ava is now 7 lbs 9 oz and 19 1/2 inches long). I was very nervous about our trip home since Ava was only a week and a day old. But she did amazing! We only stopped once for her to eat both ways.

Wednesday we made our way out to David's grandparents (about an hour away from Irving) for visitation. Ava once again did an amazing job with all the people. But first thing is first...she had to meet her Great Granny.

It was the sweetest and most amazing thing watching Ava fill Granny's heart back up with love. She was a much needed distraction to the week...helping her refill the hole that is now in her heart.
4 generations of Ayres
After a long 3 day week with family and lots of trips back and forth we are back in Abilene. We are still trying to settle into our little family of 3. Trying to figure out what these little cries mean, if she is hungry or not and what to do with all of those poopy diapers! Please continue to be praying for us and David's family as they start to move on from this week...hope all of y'all have a relaxing weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

1 week old

Today is sweet Ava's one week birthday. I can't believe that it has already been a week. So this is what the last week has looked like. We came home on Wed. around 5:00. Jason, Shannon and Addy were had came in town to see us so we hung out with them, got some great tips.

The first night was rough. Ava didn't like her bed at all. As soon as you would put her down she would just get so mad. (we had been warned by the night nurses she didn't like her bed). The next night we learned real quick the trick, she likes to sleep sideways in the corner. But since then she pretty much sleeps all night except to eat every 2-3 hrs.

As of yesterday she has finally started staying awake more. Today she was awake for almost 4 hrs straight! She has been doing a great job with breast feeding...although we had a little bit of a struggle today.

All in all we are doing great. David and I are adjusting well. I think we are handling the lack of sleep pretty well. Tomorrow we go to the Dr. for a weight check. I hope that is ok since she isn't eating as often as she was.

Ok here are some pictures...hope yall enjoy them.

One of my favorite pictures...we are still in the hospital at this point

This is Ava and her Dr.
Sassy and Ava
David studying for midterms at the hospital

Shannon and Ava
Addy came 9 hours just to see her new cousin. They are going to be the best of friends!
Jason and Ava.
Addy meeting Ava for the first time...I think it was love at first sight.
We are finally getting to go home!!!
My new family
We are home!!!
Penny meeting Ava for the first time...She has done a great job with Ava. Nothing bad has happened yet.
Ava in her bed
My girls
Ava and Addy have matching Halloween outfits. My mom has the picture of them together. To be posted soon
I'm a big Sister!!! (Thanks aunt Shannon for my shirt)
First bath!!!

Pappy got me my first maglite!!! Pink and everything.
Watching her first cowboy game with her Daddy...her outfit says Daddy's first draft is super cute!
Once again Daddy studying with his baby girl
Or should we say Girls!!! haha
This is her 1 week picture. We have enough halloween outfits to wear a different one each day...

Ok Baby is starting to get upset. One more thing before I go. Please be praying for baby Sydney. She was born about a week before Ava and has had some major health problems. She has been on a vent, and a machine that works for her heart to give both a break. She finally got off of them over the weekend and they are waiting on scans to see if they get to go home today or tomorrow. Please be praying they get to take their sweet baby girl home.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ava Kate's blog debut

Pictures are worth a thousand words!!! ( and I know you aren't interested in what I have to just want to see the pics) So here y'all go enjoy and words will come later...when I have slept a tad bit more. (oh and once again the pictures uploaded backwards so you might want to start at the bottom)

Ava Kate born Monday Oct 19th 7lb 4 oz 19 inches long

Already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

38 weeks....5 days to go

Sunday was the mark of 38 weeks! I can't believe that we are so close to being with our baby girl. Tuesday was once again dr. day. We went back to the specialist and everything looked great! For some reason I was really worried about this appointment so it was so good to hear those words. We got to see her lungs breathing for her...that was the first time so it was really exciting. Of course since she is frank breech we couldn't get any really good pictures...but that is ok b/c we will see the real thing in only 5 days!!!

This is Ava's heartThis is her pretty little face...I still can't believe only 5 days till we see it in person!

The dr. said that she weighs about 6 lb 8oz...I'm guessing that she will be about 7 lb 11 oz when she is born. Our c-section got moved up to 7:30 am on Monday the 19th. (yuck we have to be there at 5:30!!!)

This is my big belly! I love to see people faces when I tell them I'm having her on Monday. It is either oh my gosh your not going to make it that long or you don't look like you would be due for a few more weeks.

Well off to do some more cleaning and napping. So much is going to happen the next 5 days. This weekend is homecoming weekend so my old roomies are coming in, then Cameron is coming saturday to hang out with David, and finally both of our parents are coming Sunday afternoon to be with us for B-day...Monday!!! Hope y'all have a good afternoon.