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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This past week at work (well sat. and today) have been hard least emotionally. I was the lucky nurse who got to take care a young lady who delivered a 6 month old baby boy with only half of his brain and head. They say it was b/c she didn't have enough folic acid that is required within the first 2 weeks. (most don't even know that they are pregos at that point) Anyways it has just been so sad to see what she has had to deal with. At least she got to hold the baby before he died. So what I learned from important it is to take prenatal vit. even if I'm not trying to get pregos.

Ok so on a happy note. I have 2 days off. Only work 2 more days this week...and I have 2 more pair of scrubs left so I don't have to pay to go wash clothes b/c I'm going home to babysit my baby sister (Bonnie the dog). Girls night friday night (I think)!!! And I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed while I'm home!!! (yes that is weird to be happy about but yall haven't seen how gross they are) And what I am most happy about is I am on the couch doing nothing but blogging reading and have the cowboy game on mute while David is doing Greek with a friend at home...I DON'T HAVE TO STUDY!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Nothing much has been going on. I have been working trying to get some overtime. Some updates I guess would be...David got a part time job in Roby being a youth minister. It is about an hour drive...but it is worth it, I think he will learn a lot. Yesterday David did his second sermon for his preaching class. His teacher (Steven Johnson) asked for us to stay after class and he ended up praising David for his gift that he has. I was very proud of him...I love watching him write his sermons...he face just lights up when he comes up with a great thought. You can really tell that he has a passion for it.

2 weeks till Thanksgiving. As of now I have 3 days off but they are still in need of an RN on Thanksgiving day so I really hope that I still get it off. (it is my 2nd fav. holiday behind Easter) But I can't wait to see all of my family...I really can't wait to see Jason. It seems like we just keep growing closer an closer and I miss him soo much. Plus he is bringing Rock Band!!! I can't wait to play that with my family.

Well the dog just came and sat on my head so I guess it is time to go. I think she is going to get a spa day...I'm going to bath her with Dawn soap...I have heard that is what Petsmart uses for flea baths and then we are going to go get her nails clipped!!!