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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prayers needed

Friday morning my Grandpa was placed in ICU. We are just now starting to get answers, which is good but it just seems like something new just keeps showing up. Please take a second and pray for him please. Pray for my family, for strength and rest. He got moved to a hospital 1 hr away so everyone is having to travel back and forth.

coming soon Ava's 7 month post!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 months (A little late!)

Ok so I am now 3 weeks late on Ava's 6 month post, but at least it is getting done!

So much has changed this month!!!

-Ava now eats baby food (I'm making it!!!) twice a day. She started with avacados and now bannans.
-she is officially a sitter now!!! Even when she isn't focusing!
-Scoots backwards all over the place. If she could get her right hand to work she would be I think any day now.
-still eats 6 1/2 oz of breast milk 4 times a day
-wears 3-6 months and some 6 month clothes
-size 2 diapers...and sadly got the chemical burn from the new pamper diapers.
-starting to talk all the time
-thinks Penny is the funniest thing ever and just laughs and laughs at her.
-loves pens and straws...tries to steal them away when "helping" daddy do homework.
-still sleeps from 8:30- to 6:30
-was working on her first left...but it went back up.
-loves her jump a roo
- weighs 14lb 8 oz, 25 1/2 inches long putting her in the 25%.
-still loves praise baby.
-her new favorite toy is the old fashion stick and ring thing that every kid has.
-LOVES grabbing paper and making noise with them.
-Has learned to spit/blow rasberries.
Ava Kate we love you so much! We enjoy watching you grow and learn new things everyday!!! You are a very very loved and bless little girl!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets!!!

No words needed for this post! These bluebonnets were amazing!!!

PS Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's day to all of you mom's out there!!! David has made my first mother's day very special! Man I have a awesome husband!!! We got to spend part of the morning with is Mom and Grandmother (dad and brother but they aren't mom's).
I didn't get a card in the mail in time for my mom to get it I want to make sure that she knows she is LOVED! Thank you mom for being the mother you are. I wouldn't be the woman I am or mother that I am without you! Thank you for setting such a wonderful expamle to me. Showing me what it means to be a women of God. Putting up with me, laughing with me, loving me even when it was hard. You are so beautiful inside and out! Thank you for being such a wonderful Sassy to Ava Kate and Addison. I hope you have a wonderful mother's Day (and birthday tomorrow!!!) I love you sooo much!!!


David's Graduation!

What a wonderful weekend!!! It started Friday afternoon when David's family got to Abilene. Ava showed off her clapping to them that she had learned the day before...just in time for all the graduation events!!! That evening David had a awards thing...which he got the excelling award!

Us after the awards (Paul is taking the pictures)

My parents got into town late Friday night, and we were able to spend time with them Sat. morning... Speaking of Sat. morning...keep in mind there is 6 1/2 of us to get ready by 10:00 am...Well our shower broke during the first shower of the morning!!! (we couldn't get the water to turn off!) Thank goodness it was the cold water and we were able to just to jump in right after eachother and the last shower was getting finished up when the landlord showed up! (he also left David a grad. gift sitting on the toliet...haha a balloon and basketball was funny)

David lining up to walk in.
I was David's escort and got to hood him!
David and Garrett before graduation
David was the very first undergrads to walk in so his parents got to sit right arcross from us.
David and his parents.
David thought it was too embarrassing to throw his hat...hmmm I think this picture is more embarrassing but whatever...haha

This is for you Cammeron!!!

David and his brother...Paul
David and his Nana...she came in from Massachusetts

David and Emily
David and his Dad

Us and Garrett and Stacy... We couldn't do it without them...Thank you so much for helping us with Ava Kate!
After graduation with their hoods!

Ava's first picture with Willy the Wildcat!!! Can't you tell she is real impressed!
With David's family...Ava kind of looks like she has a mohawk here.

I think this picture is already on the blog...oh well
We were running late afterwards so we just some fast food and came home and ate lunch. My Aunt Susie got us this awesome fruit thing.
David thought he was getting a laptop for graduation...Little did he know I had been scheming since before Christmas, buying 2 books at a time of his first bible commentary set! Ava and I got him the new test. and I took up a collection for the old test. He was SHOCKED!!!
Ava got to enjoy wrapping paper for the first time!