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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well it has been a LONG time!!! I don't even know where to begin. The month of November I was out of town EVERY weekend and most of the week Thanksgiving. Month of December if I was not working we were out of town until last week! It has been a crazy last few months to say the least.

Well this last week was our first week in town and I think everything thing that could of gone wrong did! Whatever lesson that God is teaching David and I we are sooo ready for it to be over. But God is in control and isn't giving us anything we can't handle. Some how we are still living, laughing and yes living in the livingroom haha. David explains it best on his facebook status...

"in the course of 72 hours we have experienced a water damaged shower complete with black mold, a broken dishwasher, a family feud between the landlord and his son, Ava came home sick from daycare and vomited everywhere, our water heater went out 30 mins before company came, the kitchen sink was rotten through and had to be replaced and when the plumber showed up the dog started having two epileptic seizures and is now in the hospital!"
So far everything has gotten fixed...well the shower is being worked on as we speak at 9 pm! (not too happy about that but some how Ava is sleeping)...but hey it is getting done!

Ok now here is what y'all want the pictures...and yes it is mid Jan and I am posting Christmas pictures... I can't find the cord that goes to my camera so all I have are the pictures off of the USB port from my parents camera... Enjoy!!!

Pappy, Addy, and Ava opening Christmas gifts.
I think this might be the only gift Ava was interested in... (she had to take a nap at Grammy's house during gifts)
Great Grandpa came to see Ava and Addy

Part of our christmas was going to see ICE at the Gaylord. We thought Ava would enjoy it...boy were we was WAY busy, you couldn't have a stroller, she wanted down but couldn't walk in the huge she cried the whole time!!!
(Plus it's NEVER good if the handle of her paci is touching her's her weird thing she does when she is sleepy)

Daddy and Ava Kate

Lisa, Cheryl, Erica, Paul, Michael
The whole gang!

Isn't it amazing that that is all ice!

Everytime we put her down she wanted to lay her poor head on the ice.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures....if I ever find my cord or go buy a new one there will be tons more to come. Hope everyone is having a great new year!!!