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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend was ACU's homecoming...which means super busy weekend! This was my second weekend off since David and I got back from our honeymoon (keep in mind the first one was the weekend after the honeymoon). Before the weekend updates lets update you on work...I don't rememember in the last post if I told yall or not starting tomorrow I am on my own at work...very happy times but also very scary. Ok now onto the weekend. It started friday with Paul and his friends. We took them to the very very kiddy carnival (sorry guys) and I met up with Amber, Angela and Janaye!!! We had a girls dinner and the guys had a guys dinner. The night ended with me, Chris and David watching Tyra and 14 yr old girls wanting to get married and have babies...and I thought I was bad haha. Sat. I had GATA breakfast which was by far the best one I have ever been to. We laughed the whole time. Then off to the parade!!! Picture to come. Then off to the football game which ACU football is awesome and hasn't lost a game yet GO WILDCATS!!! After the game Michael and Lisa got to Abilene so off to dinner. After dinner was GIRLS NIGHT!!!! We had a slumber party at Janayes and played with her nephew.

Sunday was a special day for David. He is now working in Roby (about an hour away) as a part time youth minister. This is his first minister job (not being an intern) and he is super excited about it. We made the long trip out there sunday morning and he taught class. He did a great job...even making things up at the end. The church was small but has loving members. We stayed for the monthly potluck which had yummy PB&J sandwiches!!! I'm so happy for David, he has an amazing love for God and wants to share that love with everyone he sees. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this new adventure.
We ended the weekend just the two of us relaxing and reading. the way it should be after a busy and long weekend. I can't wait for next weekend. Some how I was able to get 2 weekends in a row off which means road trip for me. I'm making a much needed trip home!!! I can't wait to see my mom and dad!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Seeds of Excitement!

David and I had some friends over tonight for taco soup and pumpkin carving. It has finally started to turn cold here (or at least chilly) so I thought it would be good to start the season out right and make soup. This is my favorite time of year...I love the cold weather and doing all the cheezy holiday things like tonight. Garrett and Stacy are the lucky ones who go along with our cheezy ideas. Last year we had a gingerbread house contest (which will happen again this year) and for halloween we carved pumpkins!!! (my second favorite holiday thing to do...close behind easter eggs). Here are some pictures


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Welcome to the world Mr. Lane Binkley!!! Ryan and Ning had their first baby boy today! He is sooo cute and tiny. I worked today so I as soon as I got off I went down stairs to meet Addy's (that's what we call Jason soon to be daughter). future husband. Babies are such amazing gifts from God.

Today was such a good day. It went by super fast, I had amazing patients, and it was my last day of orientation!!! After such a long road of working towards this FINALLY happened!!! So starting tues I'm on my own. The only not so good part of my day is I had to do my first talk with a patient and their family explaining that there isn't anything else that they can do to treat her. (never a good topic) She is only 40 yrs old with 2 teenage boys...But I think it went well and they are more at peace knowing what to expect now.

So after a long day of sadness on the cancer floor where for the most part the people are was soo nice to get to go to the baby floor where these gifts are coming!!! I hope to have some pictures up soon of Mr. Lane! and hope to babysit soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One more day!

So if you haven't heard yet...I am off this weekend!!! I am so happy. This has been the first weekend since being married that I have had a weekend off! I don't know which I am looking forward to the most. 1 I work tomorrow then don't go back till next tues!!! 2 it's homecoming weekend!!! So Amber and Angela are coming in town and I'm a weird person and LOVE!!! homecoming! 3 When I go back to work I am finally on my own!!! and last but not least David's parents are in town which is always fun.

Anyways I'm super tired crazy crazy day at work so I'm hoping David is gets home soon with my dinner so I can go to bed. Have a good night

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It finally happened

Last week we finally got our marriage lic. back so today I worked on changing my name over. It first started at the social security office. Which that whole place was confusing but super nice. They had the sign in table in a corner not by anything then a whole bunch of weird things you had to do...but thank goodness it went by fast. Oh I almost forgot while I was sitting waiting a guy just came up to me and asked me if I was a Christian (I thought he said are you Kristen) anyways he went on to tell me that he use to be CoC and that now he isn't because they feed you lies and all this stuff and that now he is a bible reader christains b/c CoC dont let you read the bible it was very weird and very sad. Then I went to the bank b/c that has been a whole big mess since trying to deposit all of the checks from the wedding. What I learned from there is not to scare people off! haha...the lady there was sooo weird! I couldn't believe the things she was telling me. Finally I had to go to the DPS which I was trying to put off as long as I could. I hate going to that place, they are always packeted dirty and just not fun to be at. I pulled into the last parking spot left and just wanted to die...who knows how long the wait is going to be. I walk in and it was the grosses place ever! I get my number and paper work, sit down and take the cap off of my pen and I hear 81...WHAT that is my number!!! I was in and out in less than 15 mins...I can't tell you how happy I was! All in all it was a good day, lonely but good.

Tonight David and I went to dinner (first dinner I have eaten outside of the lib since thurs). we went to outback b/c we still had a giftcard from the wedding. We ended up sending out steaks back, not eating them and getting free meals and dessert! (they were having an off night with their steaks)

Anyways David is studying agian tonight so I think me and Penny are going to go walking or something. Have a good night!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

in honor of tonight's debate

We were at the bookstore and I found these awesome "action" figures...I thought y'all would enjoy!

You pick which one looks more like who? I personally like how big obama's ears are!
Hope everyone likes my new blog...I still need help on coming up with a cute tittle to relace it with.

Monday, October 6, 2008


So I have been bored all day with nothing to do so tonight I figured I would start putting out the random little knick-kancks around the house. (willow trees, crosses, couple of pictures) Well this made me think about halloween! So I pulled out all of my holiday dectorations so I can get ALL of the different halloween things that I could put around the house. Only to be very disappointed that I only had 2 things to put out and I guess if you count David and mines amazing change bucket I have 3. I guess the nice thing is that there isn't a lot of clean up to do haha.

So tomorrow is house work day...I'm not really looking forward to it...way too much to do
1. pay bills and figure out why we aren't getting our TXU bill anymore
2. far the worse thing every
3. pick up the house
4.give the dog a bath
5. start my list of new recipes to start cooking (see note below)
6. go to Wal-mart for food and random things that we are out of
7. whatever I think of that needs to be done

So today I was thinking that I need to come up with new things to cook...David and I are sick of eating the same thing every week. So I am going to start looking in my cookbooks and find new easy stuff to cook and cook one new thing a week! So feel free to email me recipes!!!

Speaking of recipes we were watching the best show on tv...John and Kate plus 8 tonight and I told him that Kate should come up with a recipe book b/c she cooks every meal for 10 people. I hate when you get a book and there isn't everyday normal foods in them. I think she would have the best one ever b/c it would be all normal stuff!!! Anyways David right away went onto their website and EMAILED THEM the idea!!! haha that makes him a bigger John and Kate NERD than me!!!
Anyways I hope eveyone has a good week...I'm off till Thursday which is nice but boring. I think I'm going to go apply to be a subnurse at the schools in Abilene to kill time on my days off and make a few extra dollars.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coming Soon

So I just got the great news that my blog will be getting a makeover!!! My favorite counselor Mrs. Jennifer (I don't know how to spell her new name) has a super cool website and I won a contest. So stay tuned for the new and inproved blog!

Now I need some help with coming up with a cute header so I can have her make me a permant header so send me ideas!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

need help!

So I need help...I am bored of how the livingroom looks and want to rearrange it. Now the question is who is going to do it? I don't mind moving the stuff, I'm just not good at coming up with new someone do it for me!!!

The good news is as of yesterday I can be sick for 3 hours and take 12 hours off of work and get paid for it!!! My PTO time has finally started to kick sure would of been nice to have that when I took a week and a half off for the wedding, but at least I will have some for the holidays!

Hope everyone has a good weekend I'm finally off for most of the weekend only working Sunday. Tonight is date night at ACU so we are doing movie and 25 cent candy can't beat that!