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Thursday, February 24, 2011

First real Haircut!

Before... During...


Ava got her first hair cut. After the daycare sending her home with her hair fixed b/c david would take the stuff to them and say HELP! It was finally time to get her hair cut. We were going to just have them do the bangs, but ended up trim the back up all even. She did great, she just sat there watching Dora and drove her cool little car. Only thing I don't like is that now she looks all grown up! (I'm still in denial that she is getting so big!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So 2 days after the 80 degree weather this came to our house!
This white soft fluffy cold stuff...this stuff that us Texans don't know what to do with...and this Texan can't drive in! The snow and I did NOT get along this year!!! David had to push his way out of the house so he could warm my car up for me (isn't he the best!)...Well I thought I was going to work...

I live the closest to work, so there was no calling in for me! It's so sad that the hospitals don't get snow days. So I leave my house around 6:15...45 mins till I have to be drive is 10 mins tops. Well about half a mile away from my house I get really stuck. I rock back and forth for 45 mins, make 2 complete circles, slide sideways down a hill before anyone stops to help me. The funny thing is all of the guys that stopped were nurses, and the other people helping were stay at home moms with their boys. A total of 6 people pushing my poor little honda...and it moved a whole 5 feet!!! My car wasn't going anywhere. So after 2 hrs of being gone we give up and get it to the side of the road and I WALK half a mile home! Yes I walked home in the snow up to my ankles up and down hills...just like my dad "did" when he was little haha. When I got home my poor legs looked sunburned! Looks like I got a snow day after all!!!

Almost to my knees and elbow!

Fell face first in the snow...The first time she went out she giggled the whole time.

On day 3 of being stuck in the house...I was having with drawls so David went out and got us some...
I really wanted to go to ACU and sled but I didn't want Ava in the car so we just went sledding on the flat ground in our backyard...haha dumb Texans!

but she had fun!

Time for my second story about why me and the snow didn't get along... Thurday I wasn't going to let the snow keep me from going into had already embarassed me once...NOT I thought. I pulled out of my drive way and went to straighten out...well not so much...I was stuck worse than the first time! I couldn't move a inch. I was stuck in 5 inch ice ruts!!! (see below!) After 45 mins of trying to get out I call work to tell them I would be late...but I would be in even if I have to walk. Thats when the charge nurse says...Kristen you aren't on the schedule today!!! WHAT I work EVERY thursday!!! Oh snow why do you hate me!!!

Shocking Penny LOVED the snow this year. Normally we have to make her go outside. But this year she bounce and played in it. I was so scared she was going to slip and hurt her hip...that was the last thing we needed!
Although the snow and I didn't get along it was nice having a full week off of work and David getting 4 days of school off. We got to have some good family time. But I don't think I was ever so happy to be at work Friday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It was such a pretty day that after the zoo we went over to the park! Ava had so much fun, now that she can do a lot of the stuff on her own.

She climbed all the way up on her own!
She did a lot better in the tube this time...if you remember back when we went to the park with Kinslee...Kinslee thought it was fun to yell in the tube...Ava would just cry and cry everytime she did it! It was sooo sad but sooo funny!

I can't believe it was so pretty outside...and even more I can't believe what happened the next day!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


A couple of weekends ago Cameron and Nishadi came in town to see us. I had to work Friday, but on Saturday I was put on call and was able to hang out with was such a pretty day (80 degrees!) so we made a trip the ZOO! This was Ava's first trip...I was trying to wait till she would be able care about what was going on...I think she got most of it.

Cam and Nishadi

My true love!

Love this picture!

My favorite part of the Abilene Zoo!

The grass is greener on the other side!

Look mom they had a cage full of your favorite birds!

Show me your best flamingo!

Hope y'all are enjoy all the new blog post...I have enjoyed posting them for y'all!