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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy late Thanksgiving!!! We were able to spend Thanksgiving with most of our families this year. David and I drove in after work on wednesday so that we could go with his family to Hilsburrow (sp?) to meet up with his extended family. We all met up at a Blackeye Pea for Thanksmas...Their Thanksgiving and Christmas get together. Of course my camera died after the first picture I these are from Lisa's camera...and waiting of a couple of others.

Here is the kids and the spouses...Michael, Lisa, Granny (Michael's mom) Kay (Michael's sister) and Allen.
All of the grandkids, and greatgrands! Todd, Paul, David, Kalen (sp?) Ava, Granny, Logan, Addison, Ginger

Ava playing with her puzzle she got for thanksmas!

My family did Thanksgiving on Friday. Jason, Shannon and Addy were able to make it in for a super fast trip. I think that Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (after Easter). I just love that everyone comes together just to be with eachother...not because of gifts. My two uncles, Grandpa and my Cousin Nicole and her husband were able to join us. I hope to have pictures from my family soon. Now I must get back to putting up my Christmas stuff!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trying to give up control...

Everyone at work has been giving me such a hard time because for the most part I don't let Ava feed herself. I'm having a hard time giving up that control. She will eat her finger foods and the "non" messy (if there is a such thing) stuff by herself. But I have never given her a spoon before...bc you know,...its just going to be super messy. The otherday I gave her mashed potatoes...I figure they are a good spoon food, and they would be a good food to learn how to work it. So here goes nothing...

hmm this spoon thing doesn't work well...I will just use my hands!

mmmm see my hand is works just fine!!!

Why can't I get the food to stay on this end of the spoon...Doesn't the handle go in your mouth?!?!

All done! (this really is her signing all done! She can also sign more, please, and thank you!!! smart baby!!!)

Oh you really have to take my picture so much??? I'm just smearing food all over my face!