Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I just realized that we didn't show anyone pictures from the honeymoon. There aren't a lot b/c it is hard to take pics when it is just two of you (next honeymoon I go on I'm taking a photographer) Anyways here are a couple.This where we stayed in San Antonio
At the big tower place we ate far the best food we have ever eaten!

David had some band sing to us at dinner our first night

Sat. night at the hotel...

hope you enjoyed them. We also went to Sea World but we dont have those back yet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dang I'm a good Wife!!!

So you ask why do I think I am such a good wife...lets put it this way...I graduated last May and told David soooo many times that I am never ever ever going to step foot on a school ever again. Well that didn't last very long b/c I am writing this from the ACU Library (my second home for the past 4 years) Not because I have to study or need any books...but because my amazing husband asked me to go with him so he didn't have to be alone. Man I didn't even last 4 months away from this place. But tonight there isn't a place that I would rather be at than the library with my husband.

Update on how David and I are slowly becoming real adults. We switched over our phones today. We got to keep our old numbers b/c our wonderful parents were so nice to release those to use. (I thought that was kind of funny that they had to do that) and b/c I work at the hospital we get a 25% discount a month on our bill and 45% off of phones. And I got me signed up for insurance (until mine kicks in) and we are still working on his. But I was so proud of myself doing all the research!

Oh and the biggest thing today (for me at least) I did our laundry at the apartment laundry place like a big girl instead of going home to do it. It cost us $16 but worth it...I did all 6 loads at one time!!! It can't get better than that until we get ours back.

Have a good first week of school everyone!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So it is official...Penny and David are TRAITORS!!! Penny has now left me for her Daddy. She always goes and snuggles with him, plays with him and now bugs him Hahaha that stinks for him...But she isn't the only traitor David is just as bad loving every minute of having Penny around so I guess it is a good trade.

I have been off the last two days so David and I have been super busy putting our house's yucking work but we got to do it. Hope yall all have a good day...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAYE!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are back!

We are back in Abilene. It is so good to finally be home...Although not so much fun trying to sleep in a full size bed after being in a king for a week! I don't have anything to say just wanted to tell everyone HI!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings from the Ayres

Hello! This is David and Kristen AYRES Just giving an update on us...We are enjoying San Antonio even though it is raining all day today...(good thing we didn't go to sea world today) We have had lots of fun so far yesterday we went to the riverwalk and saw a movie (BATMAN) and the Alamo (boring and small) we took the boat ride in the river and David got REALLY REALLY excited to learn that one of the buildings was in Ghost Busters. Then we had a really good dinner at some Italian place outside and got to listen to the street music. We love the place that we are staying at (it is very pretty) Ok that is all for now...hope all of yall are having fun at work!!! (haha Jason has to work)

David and Kris Ayres