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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, August 30, 2009

full fun weekend

What an AMAZING weekend!!! We took our last trip of the summer and went to Austin. We left Friday afternoon and went to see my best friend Meredith. It was so nice getting to see her, and hang out with her and Nick. Saturday David was boring and went to Starbucks to work on his sermon, so Meredith, Nick and I went to Barton Springs...A pregnant women HEAVEN during August when we are having 100 + degree days! Of course I am the responsible person and put on 55 SPF sunscreen...everywhere but my legs and left hand...My legs are a nice bright red shade but only the fronts of them...leaving a very distinct line dividing the front and back of my legs...and some how I guess I didn't get it on the back of my left hand b/c it is randomly also bright red!

After a fun afternoon we headed off for Round Rock. David was asked to guest preach at Round Rock Church of Christ. We were very blessed to be able to stay at Garrett's parents house. They were so welcoming and loving. We felt very much at home with them.

This morning David did an AMAZING job preaching. He was going into a very tough situation this weekend and I believe that he was able to preach what the church needed to hear. David truly has been given the gift to preach, and I can't wait to see how God uses him.

One last note/pictures before I leave. I am 32 weeks and go back to the Dr. in the it is time once again for belly pics! This is Penny and Ava bonding. Sometimes I wonder if Penny knows there is a baby growing inside of my belly. She likes to come up and just lay her head on my belly and "talk" to it. (she can make some pretty funny noises to it)

And here is the 32 week photo! I think my belly has gotten bigger just over the last few days!
Hope everyone had a great weekend, Good luck to those who are starting school tomorrow/this week (Paul!)

PS please be praying for the Round Rock church as they are dealing with some tough issues with their youth group.

Monday, August 24, 2009

ABC's 123

David had his first day of his senior year at ACU today!!! And yes I am a dork and made him stand by the door to take his picture! The best part is that when he came home today he told me that he learned his "ABC's" Hebrew but I still think it is funny (that is what you learn in kinder! haha)

David doing his hebrew to know those ABC's...notice Penny helping/quizzing himHebrew is weird and they write the wrong way...Right to left...that or David needs to go back to Kinder and learn the direction to write.

While David was at school today I "worked" VERY hard catching up on my sleep and rest, and plan on spending the day tomorrow getting a pedicure! ( I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm not in school!!!) But look I was productive tonight!!! I grouted AVA's letters for above her bed. Now all that is left is to paint the sides.

Hope all of you teachers had a good first day of school!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

29 weeks

We went to our 29 week check is the picture

Good news (well I think so) the baby is measuring 2 weeks smaller (by measuring my belly). You ask why is this good...David and I where both BIG babies! But I will take whatever God gives me. They are going to go ahead and send me back to the specialist one more time b/c I have hypothyroidism and they just want to double check everything. (once again very happy b/c we get to have another ultrasound!)

Ok I have to go b/c I have very strict orders from 2 different patients today to go home put my feet up, take a bubble bath then go to bed early...I got to do what they say!!! Have a good night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

1 year later

A year ago we were doing this...Now we are doing this...

It is our year anniversary today! Wow how time flies! It has been an awesome year. Lots of highs, couple of lows, LOTS of learning and growing. I couldn't of asked for a better first year! Yesterday we went out to dinner to a steak far one of the best steaks I have eaten! I got a super awesome gift...look at my ears (too bad you can't see my new diamond earrings in this pic).

Then we stayed at a hotel here in Abilene. We talked about going somewhere and then thought about all the traveling we have done this summer and still to be done this summer...and Abilene is where we went. It was by far the best decision we have made! I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate!

Today we have just relaxed and enjoyed eachother...I also "made" dinner. The plan was to cook everything...but we both had more than half of our steaks leftover so I made the side dishes and reheated the steak! This is how we toast in our house!!!
Our cake topper is still in my mom's freezer so I made a new one...mmmm it was good...I should of just made out big wedding cake myself! (we are going to eat the real one on Friday when we are in Irving)
And this post isn't complete without a picture of the little Penny Loafer! David took this picture tonight when Penny was really wanting some steak...(she got some)


VBS is OVER!!! Praise God...this is how I feel and I didn't even really do much with it so I can only imagine how poor David feels. David was placed in charge of VBS at church this summer...and he did an AMAZING job!!! I am so proud of everything he did and how it turned out. He organized work days, workers, EVERYTHING!!! I only got to go to the last night...thanks to my awesome co-workers who took patients so I could leave early, and I was very impressed with the night.

This is the craft room...
The stage, David and Larry made all of the backdrops!!!

During "snack" time (which was hotdogs, nachos, corndogs!!! we only got goldfish when I was a kid!) they had games and this cool ride.
So the past 5 days I have been on "staycation" Which fell at the perfect time. It started the day after VBS was over and ends tomorrow. One of our dates was to go to the potery painting place...this is what turned out.

David made a coffee cup.
I made a snowman plate for Santa's cookies!!!

I can't wait to see how they turn out once they are fired...stay tuned for the end results!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Good news everyone, we have FINALLY after tons and tons of searching found baby Ava's coming home/Halloween costume!!! I personally think it fits our and most likely her personalities just right!!! So here it is!!!!

(Why on Earth would they ever make such a thing?!?!? but I want it now!!!)

3 years! (yesterday)

Wow it has been 3 years since David and I started dating!!! Where has time gone... It only feels like yesterday we were talking on AIM just getting to know each other and the next thing you know we are married with a kid on the way! I just wanted to take the time to tell David how much I love him and I can't image life without you!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris and Katie's wedding

This weekend was another busy weekend. David, Penny and I headed out to Lubbock for Chris and Katie's wedding. I have been looking forward to this wedding since Christmas (really since Chris told us he got the ring). Chris is one of David's best friends and was in our wedding (almost one year ago!!!)

This is at the rehearsal was at this little steak house and we got to watch the sunset while playing horse shoes and swinging. So much fun!
Penny felt very special this weekend b/c she got to come with us. When we call the hotel they told us they allow dogs for FREE!!! Such a blessing b/c we didn't have to kennel her (cost a lot and I don't know how well she would of done stuck in a kennel fri- monday) So this is Penny enjoying the tempurpedic king size bed.

The wedding was at a cute little church followed by the reception at some reception place across the street from a lake. (They are going to have amazing lake wedding pictures!) The beautiful bride and groom!

One...Two... Three JUMP!!! David was a little late, Chris looks like he is going to sit on to love it!

Chris with his family

Josh got the guarder!!!!

David, Chris and Josh...I love these guys!!! (they reacted the dancing at our wedding...Darn I couldn't since I'm 7 months preggos)
My favorite picture and can't wait for them to get back from their honeymoon! Congrats Katie and Chris! We are sooo happy for y'all! Hurry up and have a baby so Ava can have a friend!

PS wow I didn't realize how big I looked in this dress...Still can't believe Ava will be here in 2 1/2 months!!!