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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ava's first performance

A few weeks ago Ava had her very first school performance!  We even checked out a fancy camera from the school library to document this occasion...too bad it couldn't zoom with the lens it had and I didn't really know how to work I can't edit them till I have my computer back...but at least they are up on the blog!  They also have updated blogger since the last time I used it and I don't know why or how to get the pictures to not be so crazy.  I'll take the time to figure it out later.  Hope you at least follow them!  The picture to the right is just the stage/screen

This is April, Rainbow Bible School's director. She has done such a great job and has worked with our schedules so much!

 Me and my boy!  You can tell how much he enjoyed the show...I guess we should of gotten him baseball cards after all! (that is what my brother got to keep him entertained during my dance performances)
 Ava Kate and her boyfriend Cannon.  (Cannon is my friend Allison's aka my twin at work, little boy)

 Attempt at a family  picture...I promise Ava's hair looked better than this when she went on stage...They were all pretty hot and sweaty when we picked them up out of their rooms after the show.
This is Ava's group...she is the end of the bottom left row.  They painted their shirts (the kids did the backs and teachers did the front...pretty smart if you ask me)  They sang 3 songs, "I'm a little blue starfish" --tune of marry had a little lamb,  "my God is so big", "if I were a fishy"  and a song about a monkey in the tree, but I can't remember the name of the song. 

 This is me not know how to work the camera, I moved closer to get better pictures and managed to focus on this man's bald spot instead of Ava! lol
 This is the next group.

sailor's were by far the best/funniest group. This one kid kept everyone pretty entertained! 

Sorry for the far away pictures.  We couldn't get much closer...I guess it's a sign that we need to invest in a better camera  so we can zoom and know what we are doing!  Ava was by far the best little star fish.