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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picture This!!!

So as yall can tell it has been a while since I blog which means we have been busy!!! Here is a picture update on what has been going on. Man I wonder who made this HUGE mess in the middle of target....
That sure would be my amazing mother!!!

David had to do his first real husband duty of changing my tire that was beyond flat!

Look and he even loved doing it! (kind of)

Told you it was flat

What a workout!

There is always time for sing song faces!
Who needs to to make home made Thanksgiving when you can just go to 711 and pick everything up but a turkey! (and yes this was taken during our Thanksgiving night run for nacho/hotdogs!!!)

David on a sugar high

Look how amazing that house is!

mmm gingerbread house

the furture East's house and the Ayres' houses
Group picture!!! 2nd annual gingerbread house making!!!

Look how cute we are

Garrett and Stacey

This our house so far all ready for christmas!

We have our tree up too but I didn't want to show it until the pretty present are under it. I hope you enjoyed the pics. I figure yall would like them more that a bunch of words. Have a great weekend! David and I have to get back to watching Hannah Montana...sadly I do like the show