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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tired Feet!

So much has been going on since the last post. I am working full time at the hospital and I like it for the most part...It's like any other job and has it's issues but things are getting better. I just got off of my 3rd 12 hr day in a row and I have 3 more before my poor little feet are done for the week. The good news about this is OVER TIME!!! and I get a 4 day weekend with DAVID!!! I can't pick which one I like better (just kidding David) I am getting to learn so much these last few weeks and tomorrow and tues I am going to a chemo class that I hope isn't too boring haha. My parents came out this weekend to help me get the last stuff out of the old apartment and hang so stuff up on the walls. I still can't tell them thank you enough for everything that they have done for me and David this summer! I hope one of these days we will be able to repay them. So the update my summer goals...I SUCK AT THEM!!! haha. I finished reading a book so I am counting that as one (which by the way was the worst book I have ever read) I was doing good on the no eating out until I moved but now that I am unpacked more I am starting back up! I did get all of my thank you notes written!!! (the worlds biggest accomplishment!!!)

Oh and good news people do love me and David...17 response cards are coming and only 4 aren't!
Only 41 Days till the Wedding!!! I'm very ready...ready to just be married to my best friend!

ok I have to go b/c David and I have a AIM date...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the boys are alseep

So my day started off at 2:30am this morning.  David's mom called to tell me that David wasn't feeling good, and that he was going to the ER.  David ended up getting his apendix taken out this morning around 10:30ish while I was on my way up there.  (Let me tell you last minute flights are not would think that they would be so that they could fill the plane....but no)  I got to Conway about 30 mins after they got him back to Jason's house.  Which by the way Jason is the most amazing brother/brother in-law ever! He stayed at the hospital all night and all morning while David was there, and then went and got food, and his meds for him.  Anyways so I finally get here and the first thing that I do when I get in the door is go to the bathroom and barf!!!  Here I am here to take care of David and Im barfing how is this going to work?  I only got sick one big time I think I was sick from the flight/car ride since I didn't eat anything all night/morning.  I was able to take care of him and get him comfy and I finally got Jason to go to sleep for a little bit and now I am cooking supper for my two boys.  This is going to be a long/short weekend but worth ever bit of it.  I keep telling David that he didn't have to fake it to see me!  But anyways everyone is doing fine up here and David is well on his way to being able to mow yards again! Thanks for all of the prayers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today was my first day out on the floor...12 hr's longest floor...all adds up to very sore feet. (David hurry up and get home so you can rub them!!!) Over all my day went really good. My "coach" (the nurse that I follow) is super sweet and I started nursing school with her so we already new eachother. I didn't take patients today (next week) and I'm kind of nervous about is scary being a new nurse. The only bad part about my day is that I found out that I have to work 2 days right in the middle of David being in town!!! So it is going to be hard to get to see him, but we will find a way.

I know y'all are all wondering how Penny is doing (mom and dad). I think she handled being crated all day just fine. She was ready to get out but she is already passed out on the couch next to me. LAZY DOG!!!

I'm super excited for the weekend...I'm going home b/c I have a three day weekend and it also happens to be girl night out!!! I love those nights. It amazes me that we seem to always find a way to get 5 super busy girls who live in different towns all who have a busy family life but yet our friendship is so important to us that we take the time to get together so keep our friendship going...I can't believe that I have been friends with these girls since 6th grade (some since kinder!) Very few people are blessed to have friendships last that long...and I have been blessed with several. Anyways I'm going to go wake Penny up and make her run around some...have a good night!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bridal pictures

Bridal pictures are posted!!! go to the client log in, bridal, password is turner... help me pic which one to blow up!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

what would we do without them?!?!

I have by far the world's best parents and friends! This weekend was moving weekend. I moved from my apartment to the apartment that David and I will be living in...CRAZY!!! (by the way it's 55 days!!!) Anyways so friday Amber came out to Abilene and helped me pack up and move some stuff before my parents got to town. Then sat. my parents and Janaye came out and we moved ALL day long....who would of thought how much stuff one person could build up over a couple of years. Anyways our new apartment is nice and me and my parents were shocked that we didn't hear a single sound the whole night...(a very nice change from the loud lady at the old place.) I will post pictures once the place is clean. Poor Penny she is so confused on what is going on. All day yesterday she was trying to follow around all five of us while we moved stuff in and out. She has slept ALL day today. Althogh I will have to report that I failed at my not eating out this weekend...but I don't feel bad about it b/c it would of been impossible with all the food and stuff packed away. I guess I will be starting back over. Ok time to go write some thank you notes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She made it!!!

We went walking tonight (me, Penny, Janaye and Chance...well he lapped us running but he was there) Anyways if you remember Penny didn't get very far on our last walk...maybe a mile. Well tonight she made the whole 2 miles!!! She was very glad to get back home and rest.

Lots happened today. First I took my PBDS. I think I did ok on it we will see. (next tues). This afternoon I got my ok to sign up for my testing. So being praying every hour from now till July 15th. I also did a bunch of packing...I can start moving tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to get a bunch moved so that my dad doesn't have to do much when he gets here...I mean it is Father's Day weekend!!! Ok now that I'm an old working lady I have to get ready for bed. Sweet dreams!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I finally put on my big girl panties

Today I put on my big girl panties and went to my first day of my first big girl job! Oh course it was boring listening to dumb random stuff that has nothing to do with anything...or it was something that I have heard before...(the first day of every semester during school). Tomorrow I take my PBDS test. And I know yall don't know what that is...but to tell you the truth neither do I! I do know that if we don't do good on it we have a second chance then you are gone!!! So be praying for me.

Tonight Penny and I went to Janaye's house for a play date with Jennifer Hines puppy. They had so much fun chasing eachother all around their brand new house. It was a good night to let Penny get all of her energy out and I thought she would come home and fall asleep but no...she is wide awake and playing with her toys!

Ok time to go take a bubble bath!!!!!!! Oh by the way I did amazing today on my no fast food!!! Day 3...sad to report I drank a lot of coke to get my by today. So back to day 0 of that.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Plans

So today I finally started to pack my apartment up. Still can't believe that I am moving over the next few weeks to a place that I will be living with my HUSBAND! It's crazy! It is only two months away (as of tomorrow). I also took Penny on a walk...she was a pretty good sport about it. We made it about half way around before she was about to pass out. We cut across campus and when we got to the GATA fountain she just sat down in the water and just rolled around in it...(this is coming from the dog who doesn't really like water)

Anyways this afternoon I made a summer todo it is
1. go 30 days without eating fast food...(I'm on day two)
2. Learn to cook 5 new meals...feel free to send me ideas
3. lose 10 lbs
4. pass my NCLEX (the first time)
5. Read 4 books (that's a lot for me!)
6. walk 3 times a week
7. save as much money as possible
8. finish my thank you notes by the end of June
9. stop drinking cokes again.

So those are my summer goals...we will see how it goes...I got to get back to packing.
I start working tomorrow! I can't believe it

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bridal Pictures!

Ok it's not really my bridal pictures...I just wanted to be mean to David! These are the amazing flowers from my bridal pictures. I think that my is the most amazing person ever (when it comes to flowers) she did this in less than 10 mins. Ok so what I wanted to really post are a couple of the gifts that we got from our shower last Thursday. David couldn't be there to see what we got so I'm showing him the ones that he didn't know what they were.

Chelsea the coolest person in the world b/c she got us a hotdog roller!!! Also got us this super mustard and ect holder. I think it will be super cute at our Christmas Dinner!!! (you can't really see it well but it as a napkin holder on the side)
Jennifer got us these super cute pillows!

Once again we were blessed and my mom's office gave us a wedding shower. More people showed up that I ever imaged. Plus my four best friends from high school were all there. We got so many nice things and I can't wait for to move into our new house and get to use all our wonderful things.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A month later

Ok so how do you celebrate passing your HESI and that you finally get to graduate??? Of course you go and paint potery!!! The day that I found out David and I set out to celebrate and have all of this fun...

Sadly since I hadn't had free time in so long I didn't know what to do with spare time... So as we were driving around we drove past the painting place and had so much fun...

As you can see David painted a dino...and I painted this "salsa bowl" I dont know what they were thinking naming that...did you see the size of that thing?

Anyways a month later I went in a picked them up and these are the end product! David's came out so cute!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

what a week

This has been such a busy week! Monday I had my employee health stuff in Abilene. Then drove back that day and got my nails done for my bridal pictures. Then Tuesday my aunt came in town for the day to plan wedding stuff. We did so much it made my head hurt! We planned everything for the wedding and reception...It is going to be so beatiful! Then Tuesday I had my bridal pictures. It was so much fun Stacie and Derek did a great job. You can see them in a few weeks on their website. Yesterday I realized that I needed to start packing...but not just packing to go to school...because I'm not in school anymore. So I started packing up my room to move! Can you believe it I am really moving out of my parents house. It was exciting to think about but yet so scary and sad. Tonight I have my mom's work shower. I can't wait there are a lot of people that are coming that I don't get to see a whole lot so I am more excited about that then getting gifts! Ok I got to go do some more laundry...have a good afternoon!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Taking things for granted

Once again today I realized how blessed David and I are. We had our church shower a couple of weeks ago which I thought was one of the most humbling experiences ever. Here our country is starting to feel the pain of the economy but yet they showered us with so many gifts. I am still amazed at how much people love us. I went to bed that night thanking God for all of our friends and family, but yet I still took everything for granted. I guess I forget that not everyone is lucky as we are to have such a giving church and giving friends. Today my mom, Brenda and I gave my next door neighbor a wedding shower, which she had a great turn out and was also showered with gifts, but this was mainly just family and a few friends. After the shower we were talking to Katie’s mom and she was so thankful for us doing this shower because if we didn’t do it for her then she wouldn’t of had one. I just felt a slap in the face. Here David and I had a shower a few weeks ago with about 75 people and then we have another one this week! I guess it just made me realize today how truly we blessed that so many people love us and want to help us, I am just overwhelmed tonight. I guess I just assumed that everyone had 10,000 wedding showers because that is what I had seen with all of my friends. I don’t think I will be complaining anymore about writing or how many I have to write thank you notes…because I am so blessed to have to write so many!

Sorry I went on and on about that I just can’t explain what I am feeling right now. Anyways…This weekend has been so busy and is just the beginning of a even more busy week! Friday night and Saturday morning I wrote thank you notes and then that evening my parents and Sharon drove out to Abilene for Brett Walker and Rachel Harris’ wedding. It was by far the fastest wedding I have ever been too!! But she looked beautiful as well as the wedding be beautiful. It was outside with really nice weather and very very relaxed. Then we drove home that night getting about about 12:20am. Then today (Sunday) we went to church and it was Senior Sunday and I don’t know why but it is always my favorite Sunday of the year! After that we had Katie’s shower at my mom’s house. Then I had to drive again back to Abilene because tomorrow morning I have my employee health stuff for my BIG GIRL job!!!! After that I’m heading back to Irving because Tuesday I have my bridal pictures! But I will have to say that it is really nice being here back in my apartment! I love being at my parents but it is nice to get back home. I hope everyone had a good weekend…have a good week!