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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, May 30, 2008

Get that Fly!

Tonight while we were sitting around we noticed that Penny started to go crazy. Well tonight we learned that she does not like flys!!! Turn up the volume it's funny. Keep in mind that this dog never barks or makes a noise!

I hope you enjoyed those as much we did. Anyways today was a good day although I did miss David a bunch. ( I was really David sick today) but I made it. This afternoon I went and got my hair done for a trail run of wedding hair and I hated it! This is the newest lessons I have learned about weddings...So now we are back to trying to find someone to do my hair for the wedding. I think that I'm just going to do my myself for Tuesday (bridal pics!) Anyways here is the new hair cut (after I fixed it)...she did do a good job on it...just not the style.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, mine is going to be CRAZY busy...sweet dreams!

You have all been waiting for it...

Or at least David has. So the old lady who lives next to my parents has always taken care of her yard making sure it looked its best. Well now that her son-in-law lives with her I think he has taken over the yard b/c since he has moved in some weird things have been happening...take a look for yourself.
Does it not look like a fresh grave! I like the half dead random flowers the best. Anyways so an update on what has been going on. Yesterday I got to have lunch with one of my nursing school friends. And then last night I took care of Gus and Janie. I felt bad b/c I didn't really want to go over there last night. but it never fails that someway once I'm there I love being over there. They have been such a blessing in my life and taught me so many things. Now the good's birthday was this month so we got to go to the amazing steak place. (they send out a free coupon for your birthday month and you get a free steak and lobster!) Ok so I keep losing my internet so I'm going to post it before I lose this...again

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Kick Off

I'm still at Jason's with David.  I am so glad that I got to come up here and have these last few days with him.  I think it is going to be hard to leave on Tuesday but it will be worth it because David is going to get to learn so much this summer...about himself, God and the youth.  Today was the summer kick off for the youth group.  It started with the new 6 graders coming to class at church where David got to meet everyone.  Then finally they started the summer off right with a pool party!  (Me and Shannon were smart not getting in the freezing cold water).  David of course being the intern had no choice but to get in haha.  I think the kids like him so far and will keep him busy this summer which is fact he is already busy and is out with them now doing who knows what. 
Side note: I am so ready to have this cold junk stuff gone...I'm sick of not being able to breath!  Have a good holiday!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Greetings from Conway

Today was moving day...for David.  He is moving to do an internship with my brother for the summer.  The scary thing is for the first two weeks he is living with Jason!  I don't know how I feel about them getting that close haha.   We were very blessed with a nice drive it only rained the last 20 minutes or so.  Once we got to Conway Jason showed David around the town a little and where he will be staying in a few weeks.  Tonight while we were watching a movie a few of the boys from the youth group wanted to make David feel welcomed so they came over  and silly stringed him!!!  I think it is going to be a good summer for him.  I'm so glad that I am getting these last few days with David...I don't have to fly back until tuesday night...I'm going to miss him so much this summer.  Be praying for David this summer...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm so clean!

Sunday was our first wedding shower and it was such a humbling moment for me! I have been blessed with amazing friends and family and I have known that for a while but on Sunday I just sat there and people just kept coming in the house showing their love for me and David. We got so much good stuff we are going to be set for life! But there were a few things that I learned from the shower 1. wear extra padding on your thighs...yes I have bruises on mine from opening boxes!!! (isn't that sad) 2. you can never go fast enough 3. it is ok if you didn't get to talk to everyone that was there they understand. 4 make sure your flower girls are there so they help you with your trash and stuff. Now the rest of the week is writing thank you notes and getting things organzied...yuck! David leaves on Friday for the summer so be praying for us... Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Help me pick

For mother's day/ my mom's birthday we (Jason, Shannon, David and I) took pictures with my mom at ACU in our ACU shirts...b/c we are all of her ACU people. Anyways now I can't pick which one I want to print out.

An update on my grandma she is still in the hospital and getting better but now her sodium is dropping...and if you have ever taken care of anyone who has decreased sodium levels this is BAD...they go CRAZY!!! and my grandma is already a little crazy to begin with haha. so lets just pray it doesn't get worse. But we are thinking she will be out of the hospital by Monday but if not I will be back up there staying the night with her again. Hope yall have a blessed weekend and enjoy your families!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Pictures!

Can you tell that I am the happiest person in the whole wide world!!!
My very very proud daddy...I couldn't of done it without him...he is my rock!

Dr. Souter...the teacher who never gave up on me!

My amazing family at my pinning...(mom, dad, and David...the love of my life trust me he is the happiest person in the world that I am out of nursing school!)

my very proud mom and dad!

The love of my life...only 3 more months!!!

the world's best teacher...Dr. Souter

Here are a bunch of pictures that I finally downloaded...I hope you injoy them.

Please be praying for my grandma...(my dad's mom she is in the hospital)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation! (finally)

Ok so it has been a few days since graduation but it has been so busy. Everything went so well and it was so much fun. As yall know thursday was pinning and my parents were there for that and then friday everyone else came out and so my mom and I ran around town getting things ready and cooking. Sat...the big day was great the speaches were great and really moving and for once I think I will really remember this one because it really reminded me of my nursing school journey. Afterwards we went back to my apartment clubhouse and had lunch and cake. It was so much fun to get to spend so much time with everyone who supported me so much during school. Once everyone was gone it was a mad dash trying to get packed and out we finally got home around 11 I think... the rest of the week has been a blur haha...I haven't done much and I am LOVING every bit of it!!! We did get our first wedding gift today! it was a set of canisters but they came in the mail and two of the three were broken. And when we say broken I don't mean chiped...I mean shattered into 1000 peices. So we had to call dillards and get it all fixed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I figured it out!!! I will be posting more tomorrow!!!

The day before the big day

So today is the day before graduation....which means getting ready for all the fun events....picking up all the food and cakes and stuff for tomorrows lunch, making sure everyone arrives, making dinner for everyone who is hear tonight and then dad and I had to go to graduation practice tonight which was pretty funny to begin with...I am the second to last person in the whole thing who would of thought Turner would be second to last but it is and then some girls that should of been way up in the front some how ended up in the back with us so it was a mess but dad figured out how to hood me and is going to do a great job tomorrow. Oh and for mothers day/my moms birthday I got her this frame she wanted that is an ACU frame and she found these cute t-shirts for me, Shannon and her and then we got Jason just a plain ACU shirt so it will work out great and she didn't even realize what she was doing!!! I really wish I could figure out how to make all of this cute and add pics that was the whole reason I switched over this this blog site...maybe if I would just spend some time on it...Anyways tomorrow is the big day so more then...I need to get back to my grandparents...My grandpa told me a few years ago his goal was to live to see all of his grandkids graduate college well I'm the last one...and he is sick this weekend but he is a trooper and made the 4 hr trip out here. I am so blessed!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Tonight was pinning...for those who don't know this is a huge deal for nursing. Each school of nursing has their own special pin and they have a big thing for it. Anyways it was tonight and my Parents and David came in for it. Tonight was one of the best nights of my life. It is the begining of a new chapter...a scary chapter. Before pinning my parents and David suprised me with amazing gifts mom and dad with a willow tree (healing grace) and David pearl earrings! (very pretty) My mom's office also sent a card with wonderful messages and Bev sent a James Avery bracelet. I am very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and so much support. I think the best part of the night was when I was called up onto the stage Dr. Souter (the head teacher at our school) gave me the biggest huge and told me how proud she was of me...and just to let you know I was the ONLY one she hugged! She has been my biggest supporter (besides my parents) during nursing school and couldn't of done it without her. Ok well it has been a big day and it will be a super busy day tomorrow so I am off to bed...sweet dreams

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yet another day

I can't tell you enough how much I love being out of school! Today was yet another day of not having school or having to study...although I will have to say that I did just get back from the library...I went to support David while he studied for his finals. So since I didn't really do anything today I now have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow...Sorry that these aren't very fun right now I don't really have much going on and I haven't figured out how to do all the different features. (I tried to put a picture in just now but it won't let me) So if anyone would like to give me help feel free!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Blog Site!!!

Ok so as you can tell I have changed my blog site from to this. I think I am going to like it a lot better. This site is for more writing than like fancy pictures you know. Anyways so here is a update on my life...I took my HESI (my nursing school exit test) and I PASSED!!! which means I graduate on this Sat. (Pinning on Thurs) I can't wait...this has been a long path that God has been walking with me the whole well as my family and I couldn't of done it without them...

David and I are getting married in 97 days (3 months) Time is going by so fast...Thank goodness my mom is so amazing and is doing pretty much everything since I have been in school, but I am ready to start working. David is going to be working with my brother as a youth intern and I will be starting my big girl job on the oncology unit in Abilene so we will be spending the summer apart. Which will make things hard but I think will be good for us. I can't really think of anymore updates at the moment...I guess you will have to check back later!